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First Time Trying Deca. Deca D*ck/Depression? Not At All

So im 7 weeks into my Test Deca cycle, first cycle in a long time ago, have ran several cycles in the past, used to do shoots and stuff.

Honestly I’ve always read about deca dick and depression, the supposed “baloon look” and it always kept me away from trying deca, this is why i’ve ran tren before or other compounds.

However decided to try it anyway since I hadnt tried Deca before and am on a yolo bulk, and I gotta say im real satisfied.

So far im noticing 0 SIDES, literally no negative sides at all, im on 400 Test / 400 Deca, w dbol.

Only thing im noticing is fullness, gaining good gradual weight.great pumps at the gym.

Sure im holding some water, but nothing too major, but i dont mind this at all, i actually prefer this type of look, nice full mascuiline face, since im naturally very thin in the face, especially when lean.

Tren gave me the most ripped look i ever had, however it made me insane in the head as well and just didnt feel good on it, and the nights were terrible for me.

As far as the dreaded deca dick, not noticing anything at all, in fact im having more trouble not thinking about sex, literally wake up with wood ever single morning and want to bang every chick i see at the gym lmao.

Totally satisfied with the effects of deca so far, definetely a keeper for off season and winter bulks.

I guess its different for everyone!

Glad to hear it. I ran Deca when younger with no issues at all. Only positive gains. Running it a few years ago at a therapeutic dose caused pretty aggressive mental and libido issues. This was a major disappointment as it was very effective in the muscle building dept even at smaller doses for me. I developed one of my best looking aesthetic physiques on TRT and Deca but the sides were not worth it to me. I do feel you are probably experiencing it as the majority would. Good luck with a strong finish to your cycle.

Thanks man!

Yeah I’ve heard that alot what you are describing, but so far im not feeling that? Could I be too fast to judge at 7 weeks? I hope it doesnt kick in later lol… That’d be a bummer.

I’ve had those issues with Tren, even at only 200MG a week, I really wasnt myself and had so many outbursts and paranoia, arguements, the results were amazing but i literally became scared of the mental effects.

I guess it depends per person, some dudes i know run tren at 600MG and have no issues at all, blows my mind lol

I think you would have noticed it by now so I’m betting you are in the clear. I’ve never tried Tren and sadly never will. I’m sticking with the libido friendly compounds and have enjoyed Test / Mast the most.

Do you get any size with mast? I don’t have any issues with hair loss (do get acne though). I would be willing to put up with acne if mast is good.

I know it has a bit of mild AI action, so that is beneficial if running high test.

Do you notice size with it? More importantly for me, strength?

I’ve always ran it alongside other compounds and never in a super high dose. With that said, it would be hard for my to qualify its ability to put on size or strength. In general my sense of well being is improved and libido goes up too. I think it I’ve recomped a bit better with it this cycle too. I would say size ‘no’ as I’m only running 300mg/wk and strength marginal.

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I really wish I had a good understanding of how much AI effect it has. I am not running AI at the moment, and wish to not run AIs. However, if in the future I could run 600-750 mg of test with mast, and not bloat or need an AI, that would be worth it IMO.

Can you remember what the therapeutic dose was ?

As I was considering this at 50mg per week for joint health etc

probs between 1-200mg if prescribed by a clinic

Nice one might give 50mg a try if joints keep hurting a lot,

@j.lee 150mg/wk

on 200mg test? or like 150mg test?

How long did you run for? Anecdotally did it help with general ailment/pain?

140mg Test is what I normally run, can’t remember exact at the time. I started having libido issues at 5-6 weeks and ceased use by week 8. Felt and looked great physically on it but had weird mental sides.