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First Time Trying Beyond 5/3/1 Template

Since I haven’t tried this one before, I wanted some input to see if I was on the right track.

Primary Lifts:
Manta Ray Squat- It’s easy on my hips and shoulders so I can push it harder and puts more emphasis on my quads which I desperately need.

Dips- I’ll use form designed to balance stimulation between the chest and tris. Bench Press is just too hard on my RC no matter how many mobility drills I use, how strict I am with form, or how much back and shoulder/RC work I do. Every time I get to 300lb or above, I have to go back because of my RC and I want a lift that I can push. I guess I could do floor presses instead, but I want something that feels more ‘athletic’ and this is a big compound movement that can easily be loaded so I think it’s in line with 5/3/1 principles. That isn’t to say I couldn’t be sold on floor presses if there’s a really good reason I haven’t already thought of.

Push Press- I get way more out of them then strict presses. They work my shoulder girdle a lot better. Strict presses are more of an upper back and triceps movement whereas push presses hit my shoulders, upper back, and triceps more evenly. I also like the additional stabilization required through my glutes and mid-section

Power Clean- They’re fun! I also need to take stress off of my hips. Too many years of lots of box squats and deadlifts have taken their toll and I need a break.

3 Days Week

Some Hang cleans that blur the line between warm up and work sets. Mostly just there to practice the second pull for power cleans
MR Squat- Base Work->Joker Sets->Down Sets
Assistance- Leg Extensions supersetted with leg curls
Conditioning- 10 minutes of something that leaves me huffing and puffing and even sometimes nauseated with a lower body emphasis

Dips- Base Work->Joker Sets->Down Sets
Assistance- Incline DB Press supersetted with high hang cleans
Conditioning- like above, but more upper body oriented like sled pulls, seated battle ropes, etc

Power Clean- Base Work->Joker Sets->Down Sets
Push Press- Base Work->Joker Sets->Down Sets
Assistance- mostly pre/re-hab stuff like face pulls, seated db snatches, good/bad girl machine, x-band walks, etc.
Conditioning- whole body type work like bodyweight circuits or tire flipping

I’m thinking of not doing power cleans and push presses separately and doing them as one movement for time and training economy.

I just need to establish some maxes so I can make a training max. Or I might just go with a ‘real’ max that I know is very conservative and take 85% of that.

I definitely think you’re on the right track and following much of the principles of 5/3/1. I don’t think I’d go as far as saying you are trying the beyond 5/3/1 template with this many changes to the exercise selection though.

I do like your selection of movements, and could see this progressing nicely in both performance and physique related goals. I’d give it a go and comment back in 4-8 weeks on how you’re feeling and progressing using this program.

The changes you made were definitely solid, and you’re thinking about your long term physical health which is smart.

I understand this response isn’t exactly what you were looking for, but figured stopping by to comment wasn’t hurting anyone. Good luck!

Joker sets are done very rarely.

For example, if we are programming 5 cycles in advance, they will only be done for 2 cycles. And in those two cycles, only four weeks will have Jokers.

If you are programming 3 cycles in advance (more common for advanced lifters who would use Beyond), the are only done for 1 cycle and done for two weeks.

they are PART of the program, not THE program.

That’s good to know. Thanks!

I’m thinking maybe the 1st cycle, I’ll use more triples to work up to the TM PR set. Next cycle, leave myself fresher for the TM PR set. Then a 2 week cycle with the Jokers included. Granted, what I do for assistance will be based largely on feel. I never do well when I adhere to strict assistance work plans.