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First Time Tren


In planning my next cycle I want to try a few things I've never done, test prop and tren.

Was thinking
Test prop 100mg EOD weeks 1-8
Tren ace 50mg EOD weeks 4-8
Dbol 25mg pre workout
Adex 0.5mg EOD

Hcg weeks 4-8 and Nolva/clomid PcT

I have never used tren before- thoughts on dosing? My logic was keep it low and short ester so if sides are horrid I can bail ASAP.

Is caber necessary for such a short cycle? Would you still recommend Adex? Anything else I m overlooking?

In gains


Run it the whole 8 weeks or don’t run it.


Run it minimum 8 weeks for tren. Personally Ive been running prami from the get go, same with adex.