First Time Tren E/ Test E

This is my first time running test e 300 and tren e 200 i was told to take 1cc of each once a week but looking for more info and if I should take anything else like estrogen blocker or anything. Thanks in advance

You’ll want to have an E blocker on hand. You may not have severe E related sides at that dose but you never know and it probably wouldn’t hurt to take .25mg of A-dex each time you pin. I’d also split my dosing to pin twice a week, 1/2 CC each. I haven’t stacked two compounds yet but I’ve run Test cycles several times and I wouldn’t want to pin once a week.

I have a feeling you got your information from a friend possibly the friend who sold them to you.

Since you have worded the way you did I am going to comment in a specific manner. If this comes across as condescending that is not my intention.

A estrogen blocker is a SERM you use those for PCT. (Post Cycle Therapy) The main two are clomid and Nolvadex. You use them when you no longer inject AAS (steroids). Please read up on both, you will NEED at least one of them.

You need an AI (Aromatase Inhibitor) for on cycle support. The main three are arimidex, aromasin and femara. You don’t need femara it is heavy duty. You should read up on all three of them anyways. You will also see the other names they use to refer to them.
Most guys use arimidex. At 300 mgs a week of testosterone then 0.25 mgs of arimidex every three days MIGHT be too much but SHOULD be ok. You need to understand why having too much or too little estrogen is bad for you. The only way you know if it is in a good window of levels is with blood work. Chances are you won’t be getting multiple blood panels done on cycle.
Try the 0.25 mg every three days but pay attention to your body. If your estrogen goes too low then your joints will feel dry, they will pop and almost feel like you need to put grease in them to make them move smooth. Also if estrogen goes too low you will get tired and have libido issues. Please read up on signs of low estrogen and high estrogen.

Now Trenbolone is a big boy compound. I hope someone didn’t talk you into using this before you were ready. It’s like steroids on steroids. Your dose is pretty low so you should be ok. Trenbolone is a progestenic aka related to progesterone (read up). That means there is a whole list of special side effects for it. It has it’s own kind of gyno (bitch tits) it can even in rare cases cause you to lactate. You need to read up on cabergoline, pramipexole, and bromocriptine. If your progestenic side effects get out of control you will need one of those. You SHOULD of had it BEFORE you started. I am not trying to shame you just trying to get my point across. Again your dose is low so you should be ok. You should still go get some vitamin b6 and take at least 600mgs a day while on tren and at least two weeks past last injection. B6 has some anti progesterone effects so it will hopefully keep everything under control.

If you have not started the cycle yet then wait until you have your AI and PCT in HAND. You really should have one of those anti progesterone s I listed as well just to be safe. The b6 should be enough but you don’t want to find out the hard way that you react to tren’s progestenic nature and not have access. If you choose to proceed with just b6 then at least locate some research chemicals versions of the pramipexole, cabergoline or bromocriptine. Find out how long it should take for it to get to you if you order it so at least if you get an issue you know how long it will take thus how long you have to deal with it being helpless.

In closing please tell me this isn’t your first cycle and the guy at the gym talked you into taking tren on your first cycle.

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I’m with Moose on the split it into two equal injections per week. It will help keep levels from fluctuating too much. Ultimately you want everything within a optimal window.
Even with enanthate there is a peak or surge of hormone being released from the ester in the first 3-4 days after injection then that level lowers. So twice a week keeps everything steady.