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First Time Training for Strength. How are My Numbers?

So a little backstory, I’ve been training off and on since middle school. I played sports up until high school and did strength and conditioning classes. Despite being very good at sports and training every week, I never looked like I worked out or played a sport in my life. Even when I was at my leanest of 5’11 170 I still had a high body fat.

High school I worked out here and there off and on and graduated weighing around 185-190.

College I didn’t lift at all and over the course of four years I found myself at 6’1 300 pounds. I was depressed, had no energy, no libido, baby/fat face, etc. due to a lot of issues with my lower back I started going to my doctor and from there I found at I had low testosterone. I was 22 at the time and my doctor made trt sound like a death sentence so I found to lose weight and see if I could raise my levels that way.

Fast forward 6 months I had been hitting the gym 5x a week and eating relatively clean. I went from 300lbs to 245(my current weight) only problem is I look like I lost a lot of weight, but I still look like I never stepped foot in the gym.

So after finding a new doctor I retested my levels and I stilll have low T. My levels are so low that I literally couldn’t build any muscle.

So after 2 weeks on trt and my first week training for strength here are my numbers. How are they looking?

Row- 200x3

Bench Press 200x1

Pull ups/dips- 130x6-10

Shoulder press 50x10

Squats 290x 2

Leg press 360x10

Leg extensions 135x10

Deadlift 310x2

Leg curl 100 x10

Curl 50x 10

Skullcrusher 50x 10

Looks like you got them all there.


I don’t understand what the question is?

What are you hoping to gain from this thread?

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I believe he is interested in strength standards…

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Do you have a goal you are trying to hit?

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He didn’t say that. He wants to know how they look, and they are definitely numbers.


Look fine. Keep at it.

You’d be surprised (or maybe not) at how many people are walking around thinking for no apparent reason, that they have any strength.

That you have tested yours and are working on improving them moves you into a whole different category.


I get that bit. But strength standards for who? To me having a standard implies being strong enough to do…

Strong enough to compete in powerlifting?
Strong enough to carry out basic tasks?
Strong enough for an army PT test?


What specifically do these numbers mean?

To be honest if they are better compared to six months ago your on the correct path.


Decent numbers for someone just beginning. You will have to ride it out more to see where you go. You don’t have elite numbers for a beginner if that is what you are asking.

An example of that is my buddy’s brother. He is in 8th grade, is about 6’ and 135 lbs. Kid can deadlift 405 and bench 185. That’s top tier genetics for strength. The older brother just pulled 800 for an easy single, at 21 years old, at about 6’ tall and 205 lbs. Dude is super nice, otherwise I would hate him.

I’m not really understanding the point of all that back story, but I feel like you want us to take something out of that and factor it into the way we answer your question…

It just seems like you could have said ‘I’m 23. I recently dropped from 300 to 240 lbs. These are my lifts. Any glaring strength issues you’re seeing here? Perhaps a particular weak point? Keep in mind I’ve never trained for strength, but that is now the goal’.

Does that sound like what you wanted to convey to us? If so, here’s how I answer that:

  1. It’s not worth mentioning what you can do on any machine, because machine weights are not standardized. Those numbers mean nothing to any of us.

  2. Nothing seems out of the ordinary or of concern. They look mostly like beginner-type numbers for your bodyweight. I think you would be well served to continue to lose fat as you proceed. You’re still carrying quite a lot of it. I think a decent goal weight, for now, would be all the way down to 200ish. Then you can reassess. If you eat reasonably well during the weight cut, you should also continue to get stronger throughout the process.