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First Time: Test E on TRT. Muscle Gain?



My stats:
Age: 27
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 161

I'm new here, because I have found your forum very informative. You sound very truthful in case of steroids, so I decided to ask you aout my issue.

I had a long journey through all tests and etc. When, yesterday they decided that my testosterone is really low being 27 years old, as I look like 21 and my results are lower then the minimum.

Endos gave me TEST E to inject 20 ampuls every 10 days. After that I should go to Nebido every 3 months.

I was wondering, am I going to gain any muscle on 20 injections every 10 days with 250mg of Test E? Or is it better to do it every week (7 days)? As I read a lot of posts that this is way better.

Also, my sperm test showed that I'm OK and I can have children, anyway I'm not planning having it yet, but is it safe to go from Test E to Nebido without any PCT?! Because they didn't tell me to do that...

I really need you opinion on that...

250mg: 7 days or 10 days? For more results, if I'm taking it, so I just want to get all the advantages of it.
And other question is about PCT? Do I need it if my testosterone is so low? Or should I just go to Nebido?

Thanks in advance.




You either have misunderstood your doctor or I am misunderstanding you, but you will not be injecting 20 amps of Test E every 10 days.

A typical amp contains 1 ml. Let's say your test e is dosed at 250mgs/ml. You would be injecting 2.5 grams of test e every 5 days. So, to answer your question as asked, yes, I believe you just might be able to gain some muscle injecting over two and a half grams a week.


Well, this is kinda what she told me. Yes these amps are 1ml dose. Well I guess a standard version for TRT.
And what do you mean I will not be injecting it every 10 days? That's what I suppose to do. than move to Nebido.

Anyway, guys are here injecting 500mg every 7 days for 12-14 weeks...

So what should I do keep injecting this 1 ml every 10 days, or go for 7 days, so I can get more benefits in sports and then just move to Nebido treatment?

I'm so confused...


Got it. You're not injecting 20 amps every 10 days, you're injecting 1 amp once every 10 days. Therefore, your supply will last you 200 days at which point you'll be on Nebido.

You're question seems to revolve around dose and not injection frequency. You get the dose your doctor gives you, in this case 250mgs every 10 days. If you want to change the dosage, you'll need to talk to her. You may want to discuss increasing the injection frequency, injecting that same 250mgs over 10 days, but splitting it up into 3 shots.

You don't need PCT moving from test e to Nebido. Nebido is simply test with a longer ester, in this case undecanoate.

Will you grow muscle...no one here can answer that for you. Try it and see.

Also, ask mods to move this to TRT forum, seems more appropriate.


20 amps? of 250mg/ml? every 10 days?
That's a cycle not TRT.
You sure about what the doc told you? TRT dose is around 100-125mg of test/week.
Nebido is a very long ester of test called undecanoate. It's the same as test e but lasts longer in the body.
But it does not last 3 months in any case.

So either your doc is a complete retard or you understood jack shit from what the doc said.
Go ask again, 20 amps of 250mg/ml every 10 days is nuff to make an elephant vomit in pain.
20 x 250mg = 5000mg. If you dose that every 10 days I am pretty sure you will die.


OP: your info indicates you are from Michigan. As far as I know, Nebido is not approved by the FDA for use in the U.S. Are you sure you understood your doctor correctly?

Regardless, I would never recommend Nebido to anyone for hypogonadism treatment--the swings associated with going from supra-physiological levels to just above cutoff for low T is ridiculous...I can't believe this product is on the market...

You need to be injecting your Test E no less than twice a week...divide your dose accordingly...

MODS: Please move this to TRT forum.


Read before posting.

Not that you should be posting advice in the first place, but the least you could is read FIVE posts before chiming in with useless babble.



OP this is the information to follow.

And this thread should be in the TRT forum.


Given the confusing English and Nebido, I assumed that the OP is from MI like Bonez is from Belgium, or is it Singapore now?


True, but they also don't just hand you 20 ampules of T and tell you to GO AT IT in most countries either


That post was edited after I realised what he actually wrote and what I rewrote was "Nebido is a very long ester of test called undecanoate. It's the same as test e but lasts longer in the body.
But it does not last 3 months in any case."
Don't really have to be a pro to know that nebido cant last for 3 months in your sistem or that 5000/10 days is huge.
Ma bad if the pros got offended.