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First Time Test E and EQ Cycle?

Hello i am new to these forums and also to using steroids, i am 19 yrs old and 224lbs 6ft tall and i have some extra fat i want to cut up i was wondering how i should do this combination of test e and eq… i need help about how much to take when to take it and how long to take it… Thanks !

you are going to get the same response as you did last time:

too young

do your own research

If you’re using it just to cut a little fat then you are doing it wrong.

There are rare occasions when it is acceptable to cycle at such a young age and this isn’t even close to being one of the occasions. Get your diet in check.

you wanna get ripped? train hard and stop eating carbs after 2PM! Thats right its that simple, way better then roids, man up and go buy some tuna and chicken! eat some oatmeal for breakfast, open the tuna at 10am and slap it right on the bread, repeat it at 12 and 2pm, no mayo no nothing. at 5 and 8pm eat a chicken breast and repeat the next day. drink a gallon of water and do some cardio!