First Time Test Cycle

I’m 35 6’1 197lbs, I’ve been working out pretty consistently the last 10 years. About two years ago I started having test pellets inserted into my glutes, I did this every 6 months. The last time I did them was 8 months ago and I now want to get away from being down for 5-7 days due to the incision in my glutes and just do a test cycle.

I started 2 weeks ago:
1ml of test on Monday & 1ml of test on Friday.
I take 1mg of Armotraz (generic Arimidex) on Monday and Friday
I’m going to start HCG eod. I have it, just haven’t figured out how to mix 5000iu for what I need yet any help their would be great.

I feel like this is a low dose of test, but should mimic what i was getting from my pellets.

I’d love any thoughts to make this better for me from all the pros out there.

1ml of what? ml is a measure of volume.

your adex needs to be dosed correctly. EOD instead of monday and friday. Also run less since you will be runnig EOD. If you’re running 2mg/wk right now run 0.5mg eod. Maintain stable blood levels.

This is probably a simple question in regards to this, but I have worked out always until about a few months ago, I got caught up with work. I have a cycle of Test and Dbol (2.5 week kickstart) with adex, that I was going to do now that I am going back at the gym I was going to start back up. Do you think it should be fine? Or should I just wait?