First Time Test Cycle User

Hello everyone, completely new to Anabolic steroids and the use of Test. I am a 31 year old male looking to take Test E. Always struggled with gaining muscle and losing fat. Current weight is 270lbs and height is 6ft5.

I am able to source Test E 250mg/1ML Ampule so it will be the the weapon of choice since I have heard good stuff about it.

I have done my studying and started to build a very basic plan, however I am getting slightly confused with a lot of the terms as they the threads seem to be using “slang/abbreviations”.

I am planning on running a 12 week cycle of Test E at 500mg/week

I am facing a problem where some people say you do not need an Aromatase inhibitor as not all individuals will see effects of estrogen. Some people say you should take HCG (which I have access to aswell) during the cycle.

And it would seem the majority do agree you require a PCT

With so many to chose from Nolvadex/Proviron etc how should one check the criteria to select one?

Thank you so much for your help guys. First cycle seems to be quite scary and with my own research still not confident enough to go out and do it without some help from the veterans!

Second time I’ve used this today. :joy:


Execute Order 66!

PS Booked in for some blood tests next week so will have some more info on that soon :slight_smile:

How’s your bodyfat? High BF can lend itselt towards aromatization of Test.

This will be a huge change for you but you have to do the work, diet, etc.

Our Endo/Dr/guru advocates a SERM not an AI. Tamoxifen aka Nolvadex. Not everybody agrees. See question about your current bodyfat.

This is dependent on a lot of things. Do you have kids, plan on more?

Yes or you could turn it into a cruise.

Read this thread

It is high, I will also get an accurate measurement from my GP. I have been working very hard. - Intermittent fasting for two months, completely dropped all junk food, sugary drinks. Literally living on rice, ample amounts of lentils and vegetables lost around 22lbs. Gym 6 days a week.

I have always been a bit on the tubby side and my research has led me to find that having fat, especially belly fat decreases your testosterone levels. I am ready to put in the work and effort but just need a bit of a helping hand from good old buddy Test!

Will take this in to consideration.

I have no children but certainly in the next couple of years looking to have some.

Do not want to cruise it, just want a little helping “push” but will work hard towards it and also after the cycle! Main goal is to decrease body fat and just have a “decent size”. I do not seek Hercules physiques >.< :smiley:

Your questions and responses have assisted me so much, thank you.

No problem. I forgot to ask - Are you in the U.S. or elsewhere?

I’ve never taken it. Always seemed more cosmetic to me since I am on for life. Hopefully some of the more hardcore cyclers will chime in on various subjects

Alot of guys will respond that you should continue the hardwork, diet, lifting until you reach a peak that you cant go beyond. To me, it seems as if you are pre-disposed to low T and could really use Test and see dramatic changes.

Do you have any baseline bloodwork?

I had some blood work done 3 years ago and I was just above the lower end of the scale but here in the UK the NHS really dislike prescribing Test. I have been to them 2/3 times seeking assistance but they always refused - even though the Test results came back very low. I have tried to lose weight and pack on muscle numerous amount of times and always struggle to get below 270lbs. I am at that stage and don’t want to waste the hard work I have put in. So I have decided to go the none NHS (our medical service in the UK) route.

Test will change your life IMO but its not overnight.

There are pretty much two mainstream options for injecting (pinning). Intramuscular (IM) every 3.5 days (the quarter life of Test) to prevent peaks and valleys in your levels; and subcutaneous(subQ) shots using an insulin needle but more frequently (maybe EOD).

You need to do your research and decide which is best for you.

Sorry for bringing up an old thread but it had all the info on it. I have been learning how to eat properly and work out at the gym around my normal life I am reaching that balance now. My starting weight was 299lbs and I have been at 267lbs for the last couple of weeks.

My main goal is to get down to a healthier weight and as mentioned before I believe Test E will help me with this. In the time I have been thinking whether I want to go on test or not (I have decided I do), I have been able to source genuine pharmaceutical grade Test E. (the main thing putting me off previously was using UG stuff).

I recently requested me bloods and test done which I will upload. However since then and reading the forums it seems like my doctor has left out a lot of the important stuff. Before I even start to plan my stack/cycle would anyone recommend getting any more in depth bloods done?

Serum Test level: 11.9nmol/L
Serum TSH level: 0.79 mU/L
Combined D2 and D3 level 19.8nmol/L

Thank you.

Your weight was 270 almost 2 years ago what happened? Seems like you were doing real good with the diet but haven’t made much progress lately. Using testosterone won’t fix whatever is keeping you from continuing to lose weight. 6’5 270 and high body fat blasting testosterone is not going to be a miracle it’s gonna be disastrous.

E2, Total T, Free T, SHBG (not critical), maybe prolactin and cortisol. You should have an AI or SERM on hand. I have no idea what your build is, 267 is not necessarily fat at that height. My training partner was your height and had abs at 300 lbs. Of course, he used to joke that anything less than 6 grams a week was natty. I am 266 at 6’-0. I am fatter than I should be, but I’m not really interested in being 10%. I’d rather have a 50 inch chest than a 30 inch waist. You should maybe focus on TRT level use initially and worry about a “Blast” later.


It is no mystery that I have always struggled with weight. However normally I would go on fad diets (juicing, starving, insert name here) but this time around I have been eating properly, lifting weights and doing cardio. I have been eating a calorie and macro controlled diet too.

With regards to why I want to take Test, it just seems I am always very fatigued and full of mental clout. Of course the muscle enhancing and fat burning properties is just as enticing. I am overweight, that is certain and my research has led me to believe that having a lot of fat around your gut and chest has a negative effect on your bodies natural Test levels as well.

Either way I will take in to account the expert/experienced advice of you guys and should we conclude I should not take it then I will follow that advice

Thanks for your reply,

It seems on the NHS in UK they don’t add those in to the tests. I will have to source out a private company and get those paid for. I will do that right away to get a better understanding of what is going on. Although I am a tall guy my natural build is quite skinny, I am certainly over weight at my weight.
I have access to an AI and will be using that along with HCG.

Will return with more detailed bloods - Thanks.

First let me say that my post wasn’t necessarily saying you are to fat to cycle the point of my post was showing concern as to why you haven’t made much progress with the diet over a year.

From what it looks like yous started real strong then kinda fell off and have been just maintaining. Which is OK at least you didn’t put back in weight.

Listen of you want to run a cycle then that’s up to you. I think that you should get back on the diet and start losing some more weight while remaining natty. Get down to below 20% then run your cycle.

Now to address the use of steroids and fat people sense that has also become a topic lol I will give what is MY opinion.

IMO if your over 20% body fat then your diet and training arw not a priority in your life. No healthy male should ever be over 20% if they are dedicated to fitness and nutrition. And if those 2 things arent a priority in your life then the person has no business blasting gear. The one exception to this is those 350lb strongman that are 30+% BF or whatever that use AAS to Compete. But as far as the average guy if you cant get yourself together naturally and below 20% then aas isn’t gonna be the miracle you think it is it could very well turn into a nightmare.

Thanks for the response Zeek.

You are showing my a different path to take. I have started to read up more on weight loss and eating properly so may try and get a push to the sub 20% BF level before going on a cycle, which gives me more than ample time to make an informed decision and learn the pros/cons of taking Test E.