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First Time Taking Video


Until Monday I had never had video of myself lifting to see what I was doing right/wrong. Just thought I would share and maybe get some feedback. I started the day with some hang cleans. All criticism is welcome. The following is set number one with 135 lbs., set number four with 225 lbs., and set number six with 260 lbs.


set four, 225 lbs.


set four


set six, 260 lbs.


set six, 260 lbs.


260lbs 2nd rep as a lot better then the 1st rep!

Move your feet in a bit closer, looks too wide, your balls aren't as big as mine :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good overall, arms stay pretty straight = good

Hips open up well

Things to improve:
-reach up on to your toes, you can extend more with your ankles
-rack with higher elbows, you rack then your elbows move up,
-whip your elbows through high and fast, the first one you caught the bar with your elbows pointing directly down! NOT GOOD! But you recovered it, but your eblows should never be in this position.

Overall looks good mate, but whats with the straps :stuck_out_tongue:



looking strong dude....

....not much to say for me other than I would like to see a max single clean off the floor. I say you could do 130kg easy.

As for the straps I understand... that's 4 and 6reps from the Hang. My grip would have let go after the 2nd rep. (sweaty hands)


I 2nd Koing's comments. I think the hip drive looks pretty damn strong and you have the flexibility to catch the bar in a good rack position but as Koing stated you got to work on catching in that position.


He would probably be worse from the floor due to him not practicing (wild guess) the 1st pull/ full lifts as much. I maybe wrong though.

Most people from the hang are good due to the fact that their first pull isn't good so it puts the start of the 2nd pull in a bad position = makes it much harder to do the 2nd pull properlyl!

Keep up the good work OP!



Thanks for all the advise.

Koing, I use straps because I'm training for football, not the olympic lifts themselves. We play in the spring. When the season gets closer I'll probably switch to complexes to maximize my speed strength. I won't use straps for that. I'll work on getting up on my toes more and getting my elbows through faster.

Neospartan, I haven't done a clean from the floor in awhile, but I'll give it a shot next week and post if I have someone with me to take some video.