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First Time Taking Turinabol. Don't Need PCT?

Hey guys! I am 23 years old and I am new here. As well is my first time taking any kind of steroids. So my friend gave me a pack of Turinabol and he told me I need no PCT or that a Tribulus would be enough, as I dont know much about the subject I went to read on google and saw a lot of different opinions. I see most people take Nolvadex but I guess that is quite hard to get cos is needed prescription.
So my question is, do I really need a PCT for a cycle of 4 weeks on Turinabol 40mg/day?
If yes which one is better and easier to get?
Thank you for the help and sorry for the ignorance, as I said I am new with this type of products.
Btw, I live in Spain.

This post triggers me in so many ways. So correct me if I got any if this wrong

You knew nothing about steroids someone gave you a single oral pill to get you “gainzzz” and you took it. Now 4 weeks later yiur just now trying to figure shit out in pct after reading briefly you fucked up in google.

If this is the case then yes. Pct like Normal 40/40/20/20 nolva tbol doesnt give any fast gains so you probably haven’t seen shit from this cycle if that’s what you can even call it.

And you need to go get a refund from your friend after you do that beat his ass for telling you this would be a good idea


Yes you need a PCT for ANY steroid that shuts down your natural production of testosterone. Please don’t take any of the pills and if you are serious about doing steroids, spend some time researching the proper way to do them.

Did you pay for the tbol? Is he a friend or dealer?

Just thinking why he’d tell you to take TBOL given you had no knowledge on AAS.

You’ll most likely recover with or without PCT. PCT makes recovery quicker though

Your friend is a dumb person. Don’t listen to dumb people. That is the best advice I can give you.

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No, he didn’t give me one single pill of Tbol , he gave me a full pack for the cycle, and no I didnt start the cycle yet cos I wanted to know how it works witg the PCT.

He is not a dealer… he takes Tbol also, and he took it before and he didnt do PCT.

Thank you all guys for the help!
One more thing. What if instead of Nolva I take Clomid? What is the big difference?

Not really a big difference. Take either. some people prefer one over the other, you wont know which you will prefer. Take whichever one you can get most reliably.

Good. Dont do the cycle. At all. You clearly have no idea what you are doing.


Here’s why it’s a bad idea (he writes for the 7,000th time when someone asks about an oral-only cycle): you need testosterone to function normally. It’s part of what makes a man a man (irrespective of how some people identify). Tbol will suppress your testosterone production. So you’ll get benefits from it, but at the same time you’ll be lowering your testosterone levels and eventually that will work against you enough to mitigate the benefits of the tbol. Then you’ll end your tbol cycle and your test levels will be in the tank. Absent a pct you’ll have low test for a while as your body naturally starts to run normally again. This is why pct is required whenever you run a cycle. In the extra few weeks that your body remains in hormone purgatory you will have no real way to hold on to any gains made. Running a coherent pct—which is ludicrously easy—gets you back to normal much faster than doing nothing.

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Hello there I’m new to this site I’m just curious done a lot of research in tbol dosages pct and duration of my cycles I’m just wondering they say do a test cycle with it rather then injections can I get away with using a testogel at 50mg as well as the oral tbol