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First Time Taking Test Cyp


alright everyone my doctor just put me on test cyp because of my low test levels. I'm 38, 5"11 230 lbs. my dosage he put me on was 250 mgs every 2 weeks. I have never taken anything like this and not real educated on this so any help i could get i would be very thankful. The question i have is since i'm on test cyp i would like to take advantage of it and try to lean out and build some more muscle but will 250 mgs do that for me. Again thanks for everyones help ahead of time.


hey jay, welcome on board.

first stop for you are the sticky threads at the top of this forum. they will answer a lot of your questions and give you the basic building blocks.

then scan through a couple of other threads here and see what people are saying.

lastly come back and give us some additional details per the Advice for New Guys sticky.

we're glad to help...


thank you very much PureChance i'll do that thanks for the advice


Read the protocol for injections sticky!


Definitely read the sticky. 250 every 2 weeks is a terrible plan. Split you doses to at least weekly, better yet twice-weekly.