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First Time Starting Test

So i guess Iam not the first one to ask this but i want someone to break it down to me if possible.
Iam 21 been competitive swimmer for 6 years and now iam on to crossfit for about 3 years of wich iam 6months into 2times a day training 5 times a week.The genetic potential is not reached since i feel i can improve on many things but i consider myself a hard worker and dedicated athlete. Never took any ped before. I have many ppl around me so the plan is to get test e 300-500mg per week for about 8-10 weeks. What i meant to ask in the topic is how often should i be cycling a year and how much can this dosage affect my test leveles once after iam done with em.The purpoise of using test is only for competitive reason. There is no time cap of for how long i could be competing since Iam already competing.

STAY natural, best thing you can do in ur life !

thanks me in 10 years

Typically, time on steroids should equal time off. So if you run a 10 week cycle, you should wait ATLEAST 10 weeks before your next cycle once you come off.

This is the absolute MOST anyone who cycles on and off steroids should be using them, not the “normal amount”. Many guys run 1-2 cycles a year, with one cycle a year being a healthy normal approach.

A dosage like that can greatly harm your natural test levels, or not harm them at all depending on your PCT. I am not the guy to ask about PCT’s because i’m on test for life, but ask around and someone will help you!

300-500mg test for 10-12 weeks is a great beginners cycle!

You will probably want to run 10mg nolva per day on a cycle like this to be safe from estrogen issues, 10mg nolva wont hurt gains at all unlike things like arimidex or letro. goodluck brother

That all being said, I don’t know if traditional steroids are your best bet for increasing performance in swimming, not really my area of expertise at all but I would do some broader research into other performance enhancing substances.

Run 400mg/week.
10 week cycles are my sweet spot but running anywhere from 8-12 weeks would suffice. Get a grasp on PCT as well before you even think of gear. Regarding how many times a year: never more than 2 long cycles (10-16 weeks) per year.

I’d say 2 cycles a year is ideal, but the MAXIMUM you can do is TIME ON = TIME OFF, anything over that and you are unnecessarily compromising your test and flirting with permanent use.

I’d really like to emphasise that nolva at 10m a day maaaybe 20mg a day tops should be sufficient as an AI for anything except very advanced cycles! You can use nolva for an AI and for pct aswell! doesn’t have to be one or the other like some seem to think.