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First Time Snatch Work

I’ve worked with PVC for a little bit and this is maybe the 2nd or 3rd short session with a bar. Any tips would be great.

You have excellent mobility.

Thanks, I’ve been hammering mobility especially hard the last few months. Thoracic extension still needs work.

Looks good, except you’re letting the bar get away from you past the hips!! Tuck your wrists and keep the bar closer!!

I tried to keep the bar closer this time. Look any better?

You’re keeping the bar closer, but you’re a bit inconsistent with finishing the pull. As you worked from the knees, it looked much better, but don’t stop at the hips. When you go from the hips, keep the movement continuous as you pop the hips and go under the bar. :smiley:

Getting better, just keep working on it.