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First Time Running Oral with Injectable, Advice?

I have finally decided to run dbol with my test enanthate. I have multiple injectable cycles under my belt (test e up to 1000mg a week) but have never combined an oral with them. I plan on running 40-50mg dbol for the first 4 weeks and test e at 900mg (1.5cc mon & thurs) weeks 1-12. I have proper pct on hand always along with Ai support.

I have been told to get BP supplements due to dbol causing it to jump for some users. Again I have ran quite a few cycles BUT this will by my first oral/inject cycle. Any advice would be great. Thanks

whats your pct protocol?

Run some liver support and some red yeast rice for cholesterol, dbol wacks out my cholesterol a bit

[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
Run some liver support [/quote]

^This. Also, Get some Taurine. Backpumps (if you get them)will put you on the ground if you dont supplement Taurine.

I dosed mine 3x daily at 8 hours intervals for consistent blood levels. Dbol to my recollection has an 8 hour half life.

My pct is nolva and clomid (I loaded up on these awhile ago). They work best for me. I have liv52, milk thistle, I just picked up some red yeast rice and some taurine. Also have BP support (it’s over the counter but pharmacist told me it would work just fine).

What exactly is your bp support called?