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First Time Pulling 405


First time ever deadlifting 405. I know it's with a trap bar but it's a big accomplishment for me so i figured I'd share!


Oh my.

I really wanted to say something constructive, but I'm not sure what.

How about this: Your scream should be the least of your concerns at this point.

You are obviously making a good effort, but you are going to get hurt if you don't fix your form and bouncing in a hurry.

The first thing I thought of when I saw that was DeiselWeasel.


definitely you're right. This was done after 3 sets of 385 for more reps and without the bounce at the bottom. The whole point was really just to see if i could pull 400+. I'm sure i could do it with better form and will take a video next tuesday with a better camera and camera angle.


I think I heard your spine cry.


put the vid back up!


yeh where is it?


Let it go. He was a bit over enthusiastic and posted a video before he was ready. The effort was there, so hopefully he takes the time to read these forums and the articles on this site and comes back with a real 405 dl with decent form in a couple months or so.


but i wann see it?


try not to cringe on this one


kinda creepy though...i think we really fucked japan up with those nukes. sorry guys.


candid gym videos are by far the best!


I'd like to point out that a year ago, He was barely pulling 185. We train at the same gym, so I can actually attest to the amazing overall progress he's made (I'd say at LEAST 15 lbs of solid muscle,... and he's about 6'3 to boot). And to be completely frank, I egged him on to go for 405, he was already freaking toasted and getting ready to go home -lol.



My back hurt watching that.


Those videos were horrible.




you guys even take your pictures together huh?

you guys look like a before and after pic.


Lol, I was wondering if anyone would notice the exact same background in the avatar pics.



WTF you talkin' about, dude? Most of those videos were horrible, but the second one was delicious.