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First Time Poster, Long Time Lurker

Hi all, as you can probably see this is my first time posting here on T-Nation, but I do read the articles here religiously and lurk the forums a lot. Any who, before I get to the subject at hand I figured I might include my stats and some info before I ask about the Split that I want to start today.

I started lifting “seriously” in June of '09 when I stopped doing random machine exercises because that is the only way to get “toned” and not too big lol(I don’t care about getting big now, infact,I want to get big lol), and I started doing Starting Strength. Did that for about 3 months, and then did WS4SB for another 3. My stats are as follows:
Height is 6’0

June 09----------Dec 09
Weight 180----------199
Squat 135x5----------245x5
Deadlift 135x5----------275x5
Bench 125x5----------170x5
Press 65x5----------125x5
Row 95x5----------145x10

I am happy with my strength gains, but I want more size as well. The 19 lb that I have gained are mostly in my legs and back, but my chest is small, and so are my arms. I was thinking of moving on to a split today that would look something like this:

Monday: Chest and Biceps
Bench: 4x6-8
Incline Db Bench:3x10
Cable Flies: 3x10
Preacher BB curls 3x10
Incline curls 3xfailure

Tuesday: Legs
Squat or Box Squat: 4x6-8
Lunges: 3x10
Leg Extensions: 2x10
RDL: 3x10
BB Hip Thrust: 3x10

Wednesday: Off

Thursday:Back and Tris
Pull ups (various grips): 4x failure
Seated Cable Rows: 3x10
DB Rows: 3x10
Rack Pulls:2-3x8
Dips: 3x failure
Push downs: 3x10

Friday:Shoulders and Traps
Military Press: 4x6-8
Lat. Raises: 3x10
Facepulls: 3x10
Db Shrugs: 4x10

And Abs will be thrown in at the end of every Monday and Friday workout. What do you guys think? Does this look like a solid Split? Any constructive criticism is welcomed.

Solid progress so far, nice job.

The split looks pretty good to me. A few suggestions I’d have…

  • Your chest/bi day looks fine, don’t put anything where the 'another’s are. If you want, could switch one of the bi exercises to either hammer curls or pinwheels.

-Back/tri day is huge. I’d take out seated cable rows, since you already have a row variant. I’d also do rack pulls first, but maybe that’s just me. And for tri’s, I’d do either close grip OR dips, and some type of extension (PJR’s?)

  • Also might have some trouble doing shrugs the day after rack pulls, and might have some trouble doing rack pulls two days after squats and RDL’s.

Ok, for bicep day I will switch out the Incline Curls with Hammer Curls.

For back day how about something like this:

Pull ups: 4xfailure
Rack Pulls: 3x8
Db Rows: 3x10
CGBP/Dips (alternating between the two every couple of weeks) 3x10
Skull Crushers/Incline Db Extension (Switching) 3x10
Push downs: 2x10 (just to finish it off, I may not do these depending on how I feel.)

I want to keep pull ups first because I feel that I need to bring up my pull up strength, right now with 4 sets I am getting about 24-26, and I want to be able to at reach a solid 4x8 so that I can start adding weight. Will doing Rack Pulls first have a major impact on how many Pulls ups I might be able to pull off? (No pun)

If you want to focus on increasing pull up strength then sure, leave them first. I just am a huge fan of rack pulls right now and I don’t think I could do them justice if I didn’t do them first, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you couldn’t.

Just got back from the gym…Damn, it was fun! I wasn’t expecting to be this beat after my first Split workout, but i must say by the time I was finished my chest felt tighter than ever. I really love the feeling of having a pump, something I wouldn’t really feel after a SS session, or a WS workout. Can’t wait for Legs tomorrow!

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