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First Time Post!! Need Some Suggestions


Hey guys my name is Cameron. Im about 6'1 170 and 24 years old. I used to weigh 135 in high school. I have a naturally lanky build. Over the past year I have been working out and reading up extensively on nutrition and what it takes to gain weight.

Im trying to get my calories up around 5000-6000 a day and have been seeing some pretty good gains so far. I know the most important thing to gain weight is to eat, especially for a skinny guy like me. But I want something to supplement this. I have a friend who is taking Methyl-V. Does this stuff actually work. Or Powerlab Androdrol or Halotren? Do these anabolic precursors actually do anything?

Anybody got any suggestions on something I can supplement with a high protein and high calorie diet or should I not even worry about taking something like that?



But how long have you been working out? When I was 18 I weighed about 66kg. I started working out when I was 22. Now I'm 30 and I weigh 105kg. I've never taken anything but extra proteine and some creatine.

Some patience would be great. All the youngsters in my gym ask me questions how to get big "fast". They all forget the 8 years of hard work. But yeah, I needs to go fast these days.

I've got no issues with people taking steroids, but only when they've reached a natural plateau ofter years of traning.

ON TOPIC: I know people who've taken prohormones and got some decent gains from them. At the end they're still steroids with a slightly altered chemical structure. Don't mess up your health with designer stuff.


Cameron, please give us an outline of your diet for a typical training day.


Ive been working out seriously 6 days a week for about a year. So no I havent reached a plateau so thats why I was wondering if something like Androdrol is even worth it. One problem is my diet can sometimes be really good, sometimes I eat out to much. A typical day might look roughly like this...
Breakfast. Protein Bar - 400 calories
Snack Protein Shake
Lunch - Chipotle bowl double chicken - 1200 calories
Snack Protein Shake
Pre workout meal - Protein Gel and maybe some Pieorgies - 500
Post Workout Weight gain shake -700 calories
Dinner - 2 Chicken Breasts and rice - calories no idea
Before Bed weight gain smoothies 900 calories (fruit, oat meal, milk, weight gain powder)
And I snack on almonds throughout the day. With my protein shakes etc I think im getting plenty of protein...over 200 g a day.

Is this even enough food? What are your suggestions?


On your diet you're only getting 2 real meals and alot of shakes. You might try adding some more carbs like brown rice, pasta, sweet potatoes and stuff like that.


Im with burgess, up the CARBS!

Also I havent heard of those supplements you mentioned. I would save your money and see what your body can do on a good diet and hard training first...


Thanks for the replies guys!


Hey i did a cycle of Halotest gained a solid 10 pounds in a month. Pretty dry gains to felt really hard on the cycle. only droped a pound or 2 since being off after my pct.


I am on week six of Methyl V XT, been eating like a herd of cattle and screwing everything that moves... pretty much made me an animal around women, but anyway.
My big three have gone up a bunch, and I've gained 16 pounds so far, still have this week and of course the PCT weeks to follow will determine how much I keep but I don't feel like I gained any bf, can still see big nasty veins and all 8 abs.
IMO I wouldn't suggest it if you don't have the diet in check, I faltered on the diet for weeks 2 and 3 (well, got sick... so had no appetite) and didn't gain a pound. So there's that.)


Thanks oops and someguyyy for the feedback. Ya I think I have got my diet down now, so Im going to try and stick to that for a while and see how it goes. I think that is the most important part then I might try one of these products. Thanks for the feedback!