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First Time Post Doctor Prescribed Axiron Today


-age 36
-height 6'2
-waist 36
-weight 225
-describe body and facial hair hairy body semi thick facial hair
-describe where you carry fat and how changed Now carry fat around belly increased last year
-health conditions, symptoms [history] See paragraph
-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever Im taking seroquel 200mg, zoloft 50 mg
-lab results with ranges

Glucose, Fasting 79 mg/dl 65-99 range
BUN 12 mg/dl 7-25 range
Creatinine 0.93 mg/dl .79-1.33 range
Calcium 9.8 mg/dl 8.6-10.2
Total Protein 7.2 6.2-8.3 range
Albumin 4.5 3.6-5.1 range
Total Bilirubin .6 0.2-1.2
Alkaline Phosphate 83 40-115 Range
AST (SGOT) 16 10-40 range
ALT (SGPT) 17 9-60 range
Sodium 141 135-146 range
Potassium 4.4 3.5-5.3 range
Chloride 106 98-110 range
CO2 25 21-33 range
eGFR 105 >59 range
Cholesterol 191 125-200 range
Triglycerides 138 0-150 range
HDL 35 40-199 range
LDL (Calculated) 128 0-130 range
WBC 6.6 3.8-10.8
RBC 4.70 4.2-5.80 range
Hemoglobin 15 13.2-17.1 range
Hematocrit 44.1 38.5-50
MCV 93.8 80-100 range
MCH 31.9 27.0-33.0
MCHC 34.0 32.0-36.0 range
Red Cell Distribution 15.1 11-15 range
Platelet Count 202 140-400 range
Mean Platelet Volume 9.1 7.5-11.5 range
Testosterone 261ng/dL 241-827 range

-describe diet Diet is decent but not perfect
-describe training Been forcing myself to jog for 30 mins every day and strength train 2 days/wk
-testes ache, ever, with a fever? No
-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed Sometimes morning wood but nothing like it used to be

Hello. I have been reading this site recently and I am so glad I found it. Let me start by giving a little info. I am 36 years old and 6'2" and weigh 225. Not real muscular but not totally fat either. I have mostly belly fat. Anyways, I have been suffering from extreme fatigue and clouded head and general loss of excitement for life since about age 22. Shortly after that, within a year, I developed panic disorder. Long story short I was diagnosed with depression and panic disorder and have been taking medicine for it for about 15 years. The meds never really worked but I just went along with it like an idiot. Well a while ago I met this guy at work who told me he was doing TRT. Other than panic his symptoms sounded just like mine. I finally went to another doctor and requested my testosterone be checked. The test came back at 261 and my doctor told me it is in the low "normal" rnage. I told him I had read that my levels were more than normal low for my age. I asked him about TRT and he said I could try it if I wanted. He said he wanted to see my levels close to 400. Isn't that still low for my age? Anyways, he gave me a script for Axiron 60mg a day. 30mg under each arm daily. I asked about estrogen problems and he said it is not an issue. He told me to take the Axiron for 4 weeks and then retest my testosterone. But, he never checked free testosterone or any other things reccomened here. I am going to start my first dose tomorrow. I was amazed at how easily he just gave the TRT but I am dissappointed he doesnt seemed concerned about the other tests. He should be doing more tests correct? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



Your cholesterol looks borderline high, and your HDL/LDL ratio is low. Testosterone is indeed low. Free test should have been tested, as well as LH/FSH, PSA, thyroid, and Vitamin D. No need to test LH/FSH once you are on TRT. Thyroid should be tested to rule out any issues there - some of your symptoms are consistent with hypothyroidism.


Thanks for the reply. I am sorry I missed my TSH results in the original post. My TSH is 1.13 (.40-4.5) is the range. Do you think I should switch doctors yet or stick with this guy for the 4 weeks and see if the axiron is going to work. I am just nervous that he gave it to me so easily and never ordered any other test such as free testosteron or estrogen ones. Again thank you for your reply.



4 weeks really is not enough time to tell how well the Axiron is working. You should be retested in 3 months, and get E2 tested as well at a minimum. Some guys will absorb topicals well at first, then not so well after time (I was like that). E2 can also take some time to stabilize.


Thank you. I will make sure he tests my E2 next time I see him. He is a very good and methodical doctor about most things but I just dont see that with this issue. 261 total testosterone is low for my age of 36 right? He keeps saying that I am in the normal range albeit the end of the range. I kinda wished he would just give me shots and get this going. Am I rushing into things or are my feelings normal.


What do you guys think about me going to an Endo or Urologist? My sister is an RN and she thinks this doctor is not up on the current methods of treatments and symptoms.


Finding a good doctor is like finding a needle in a haystack. You will eventually find one just be patient in the process and don't get dejected.

Frankly, I have had better dealings with urologists, but this is just my case. A lot of the time a open minded switched on GP is usually the best.


Finding a good doctor is like finding a needle in a haystack. You will eventually find one just be patient in the process and don't get dejected.

Frankly, I have had better dealings with urologists, but this is just my case. A lot of the time a open minded switched on GP is usually the best.


This whole thing about normal "for your age" is total bullshit. If your a 50 yr old man, why on earth would you want normal test levels of a 50 yr old. Id want normal test levels of a 21 yr old. If your 36 and need TRT at such a young age, tell him you want normal levels for a 20 something. I just find the whole thing about age appropriate "normal levels" as a bit insane.


^^^Agreed. Age adjusted numbers are bullshit and should really only be referenced when you are young with Low T (for your age) but not really Low on a general scale. But it doesn't really matter if you use this or not, because doctors wont listen to you lol


UGhhhh!!! I just went to the dr. today. I have been on Axiron (topical testosterone under arm) for almost 2 weeks and have seen an improvement. The only thing that concerned me was my nipples are starting to hurt when I stretch or press on them. As the beginning of my thread stated, the doctor never tested anything other than total testosterone which was 261. The new doc, an endo, told me to stop taking the axiron for a month and then retest my blood. He ordered a boat load of test and even included a sleep study and an ultrasound of my thryoid. He ordered every test mentioned in the sticky except for E2. He also told me that if my nipples are getting sore I should lower my dose of testosterone. I asked what about an estrogen blocker and he said that there is no reason to take another medication.

Anyway, I am going to quit the axiron for a month and then get retested to see what is really going on. I like his idea of finding out why I have low test and then treating it versus just giving me testosterone. I just hate to quit the axiron because I have been feeling a little better. Any suggestions at this point?

Thanks in advance


New Update!!!! I live in Las Vegas and there are several TRT clinics here so I made up my mind to go there instead of waiting for the endo. Maybe was a mistake but I couldn't wait. Anyways, the doctor at the clinic agreed testosterone was low and he said my E2 was 23. He started me on 200 mg of Test Cypionate and 1mg of anastrazole a week. After two weeks he will lower the does of test to 150 mg a week and do a blood test at 4 weeks and adjust. I am excited to see if this works. My only question is, can an endo still diagnose why I had low T and can I still get my thyroid examined while takeing testosterone? Thanks in advance.