First Time Pin- Site Lump and Bruise

I’ve been pinning a few months now and today was first time i had a lump and bruise at injection site. Stream of blood down buttocks. Thinking i might have hit vein but there’s a small lump and looks like a small bruise.

I’m usually pretty dam good at glute pins up until now. Anything i should be concerned with?

I wouldn’t stress, my friend. Every now and then you’ll have an injection that bleeds. And the lump is likely some of the gear itself (It doesn’t go right into your blood quickly) and some swelling. See how it is over the next day or so.

Thanks drsuzy. It’s just a black n blue mark now. No swelling or hard lump anymore. Must have hit a vein cause i never bled like that before. stream of blood down the cheek and 2 blood drops pin floor.
In not very good with blood like that so it did kinda freak me out. Thanks for the confirmation and help.