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First Time PCT - What to Expect?

Just finished my first ever cycle last week, I’m waiting 3 weeks after my last pin before I start my nolva only pct.

Obviously it’s first cycle so it’s my first pct. I m going to run the standard 40/40/20/20. Just wondering if those more experienced and knowledgeable than myself could tell me a few things that I can expect during this pct? Is there any major side effects and most importantly how likely is it that my libido/sex drive crashes?

It was a test e only cycle @500mg for 14 weeks.

Any help help would be great

I can only tell you from personal experience but i really didnt notice much tbh. Libido dropped a smidge and i was a bit lethargic. Other then that i felt fine.

Man, 40mg is too much! Don’t take 40. It is shown in studies that low dosages even better at increasing the T levels. Start with low, 10mg, maybe even every other day.

And don’t play with your hormones again if you want to hear a good advice. You don’t realise how harmful all of this stuff is to your body. All for what? Good looking muscles? Think. It is not worth the trouble. Search the post-finasteride or accutane syndrome.

My life is destroyed by few pills. I would cut off few of my own fingers to prevent the moment i took that f*cking pill. Read the stories, i don’t doubt you will ever touch to an Asprin again.

What exactly does this have to do with the OP’s post?

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For me back when I did PCT, I just had to make it through the week of working out. That week you feel everything appreciable is finally out of your system you just feel tired and I was a bit achy. But I MADE myself go to the gym and it sucked. I ached a bit, I noticed the weights were not moving as confidently as before, but they moved because I MADE myself do it. The end of my first week, that moment I got back out to my car and I knew I wasn’t being seen, I just flopped down into the seat, sweaty and tired and you know what…I felt good! That first week was always the thing for me. Making myself go and have the pride to pick up the same weights and see just how much I was willing to slip away, was I going to get those 10 reps? Was I going to say “fuck it” at 6 reps!!!

What I am getting at, you had a reasonable cycle and provided you have legit nolvadex then you have what you need for a proper recovery but that isn’t all of it. You need to make yourself physically release those workout endorphins because that will do more to keep you up and going vs anything else you do. Plus it will help you keep what you just worked so hard to gain. No one wants to look good for a month or two then go turn into a floppy saggy bag of gelatinous goo. So don’t!

Currently 2 weeks into a 40/40/20/20 nolva pct. for me it has had a bigger effect than I anticipated. Libido has diminished and feeling a little lethargic, especially on during the 40mg period. Having started the 20mg phase I feel as though I’m feeling slightly better, but the the libido still isn’t what it was.
Is this consistant with others experience on here.

Completed my first ever cycle of 500mg of test e 5 weeks ago and I miss it already

Completely normal. So you waited 3 weeks post injection and are two weeks into the Serm regimen?

Yep. Waited the 3 weeks to start the pct and now on the 10mg/day. Starting to feel a bit better now. Planning on starting my 2nd cycle in late Jan of test 2 500mg and anavar

Glad you’re starting to feel better. As with cycling it takes several weeks for your body to adjsut to the new hormones and grow. Same on the back end. So your body will take some time to adjust down to the lack of hormones. Hence, why you start to feel like shit 4-6 weeks after cessation of your cycle. Its all normal is my point and you just need to carry on with PCT and wait it out. It sucks to watch have your growth melt away but its all part of the game!

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@blshaw gave great advice. I’ll add, eat enough! Eat a lot.

Awesome advice thanks. It’s remarkable how much weight you drop post cycle . Down about 10 kgs 5 weeks after my last shot of test

That seems excessive. I lose 4-5 from last pin to end of PCT.

I got to 130kgs at the end of my cycle (started around 116kgs) , I only measured my weight once at that post cycle mark and I was 120kgs. Granted you can fluctuate a couple of kgs here and there, the 10kgs lost probably wasn’t a true indicator.