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First time Over 200#

Never concentrated on my bench before as a sprinter. The most I ever put up was my bodyweight+10 (back then I weighed in at 135#).
And I haven’t done much with it as a HG thrower due to shoulder soreness…but I had hit 187# on the Hammer Strength bench earlier this year.
I had a massage therapist work on my back, shoulders and legs Friday and decided to see what I could do last night:

97x2x10 warmup
202x1 failed
202x1 !!

!!!woohoo first time over 200!

I know it ain’t a free bench mark but I never thought I’d be pressing over 200 at any point…frankly it never occurred to me.

The shoulder did really well and I am going to have her work on it once every three weeks for a while.

After the season is over or during a lull, I will try again…minus some sets and see what I can put up.