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First Time Outside of Hawaii/Las Vegas

Sharing some photos of my first time out of Hawaii, first airplane ride as well. Returned from Las Vegas yesterday. Was Iron’s first time in Las Vegas as well (he’s originally from Cincinnatti). There was so much to do that we didn’t have any time to train or ski. Had too much fun. Not BB related, but wanted to also share some photos with the T-family. Las Vegas truly is “Sin City”, everything is so indulgent and bad for you. The first photo is on the 51st floor of the Rio Hotel and Casino at the VooDoo Lounge.

Welcome to Las Vegas sign…

At the Luxor with a beautiful replica.

Playing slots for the first time. The slot machines played us!

Our friends winning at slots. They also won at Roulette.

Afront the Treasure Island pirate ship.

Iron afront the sea siren at the bow of the pirate ship.

For anyone on a strict diet, this one’s for you! Iron called this the “dessert bonanza”! We thought that hawaii people ate a lot, but that’s nothing compared to the Las Vegas buffets! After this he said, “after the vacation, the gorging will cease!” Gorging is right. In Hawaii for $7.99, you get portions about 1/4 the size of Las Vegas, even the food court portions are four times larger for the same price.

Iron with (wax) Evander Holifield.

Kung Hee Fat Choy! Las Vegas celebrated Chinese New Year, felt so welcoming!

Here is a photo just before takeoff. I was so scared. Iron had to hold my hand for the takeoff and the first few bumps but after that it was really OK. Once I saw the view of the continent, snowy mountains, the city, I was awe inspired, everything is so beautiful from above! And if I had ever had a fear of flying, that is gone now…just ride in a taxi in Las Vegas, now that’s scary! One guy was driving BETWEEN the lanes and swearing in Korean (I recognized the words, he was calling the other people on the road “stupid” in Korean!) The plane ride is much safer than any taxi ride could ever be.

Our friend Steve afront his dream Harley Davidson. This was the one night we went nightclubbing. We started at the VooDoo Lounge on the 51st floor of the Rio. Warning: Las Vegas drinks are NOT watered down. They are about four times stronger than Hawaii drinks. I think they want you to lose your inhibitions. I don’t drink, so I got trashed, and the rest, well Iron is sworn to secrecy. Now I know the meaning of “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

You know there’s Blue Hawaii Elvis, Viva Las Vegas Elvis, Love Me Tender Elvis. Well, this guy I affectionately named “Cameltoe Elvis”…

Here is a view of the Strip from the 51st floor of the Rio. The MGM Grand is the green building on the right. Next time we’re staying at the MGM Grand, it was really nice! I shopped at the Caesar’s Palace forum shops and even the “upscale” stores offer things at a much lower price, wow we get ripped off here in Hawaii. Of course I went crazy and bought a whole lot of fashion things…I’m going to resell them in Hawaii at ten times the price and they will still cost less here, only kidding! We ate dinner at Spago’s and the food was incredible! The portions were so huge that after the hours d’voers (however you spell it, we call them “pupu’s” in Hawaii) of Mussels in a wine sauce and Caesar Salad, we were already full and could barely touch our entrees (“grinds” in Hawaii)! The wait help everywhere, and especially at Spago’s, rival and even at times surpass the “aloha spirit”! Service was excellent!

cute pics, china doll…u guys look awesome! vegas is totally fun as is hawaii…cincinatti is not so much fun but as the great state of OH goes…it’s not too bad. thanks for sharing your “magic moments” …and youre right, the buffets are “murder”…hey, so how’d u like the wax museum? my girlfriend and i had a ball in there…got some really cool pics!

Replica of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel and Casino. I won $55.00 at slots there. Of course I got greedy and gambled it away at the next casino!

About to go flying at 65 mph on the Manhattan Express rollercoaster at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino. At 6’5-1/2", Cro-Magnon-sized Iron really got banged around on that ride! BTW, drinking Starbuck’s coffee just before the ride really makes for an adrenaline rush! Thankfully, Starbuck’s was on every corner there as well…I guess Starbuck’s really WILL rule the world one day!

Hi GS!!!
Glad you enjoyed the photos!!! We had so much fun! Such an eye opener for a Hawaiian who had never left Hawaii!!! The mainland people are so nice! In some cases even more “aloha” than in Hawaii! I can imagine the fun you girls had in the wax museum!!! We had planned on going inside after shopping at the Venetian but the day flew by so quickly that we never returned, but we had a riot just with the wax celebrities outside…you guys must have had a complete riot inside!!! So happy that you have had the chance to come to Hawaii!! We will go to Cincinnatti for Iron’s family reunion in July, that will be another eye opener. Well take care!!
Love and Aloha,

Statue of Liberty replica at the New York-New York Hotel and Casino.

The Las Vegas Strip at night…