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First Time Ostarine Cycle

Hey everyone,

I am about to do my first ever 8 week cycle of Ostarine. I’ve never taken anything of this caliber and was wondering if someone could check my cycle and give any advice. I will be taking Ostalean. My current stats are below:

Age: 21
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 180
BF: 13%

Rundown of my Cycle:

Weeks 1-2:
12.5mg Ostalean

Weeks 3-6
25mg Ostalean as long as 12.5mg went well

Weeks 7-8
12.5mg Ostalean

Weeks 8-12:
TestoShred 4capsules

Any feedback/advice is welcome.

no idea what the hell TestoShred is, but it’s probably a useless product. I’m sure it gets great reviews though. The name is cool.

Have fun, looks both safe (because it’s ostarine) and ineffective (because it’s ostarine).

Come back when you need advice on how to run a real cycle after you’re done being disappointed with this one.

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Thanks for the input. I appreciate it. Just trying to take it slow since its my first time cycling anything ever but ill probably be looking for a real cycle in time.

Flipcollar put it politely,
This is not a ‘first cycle,’ you will get no noticeable results. Plus its used for muscle wasting conditions so not sure how you decided this is a good idea for a cycle.

I have looked into SARM products and noticed the guys that have had any sort of benefit (mostly fatloss) used stacks involving 3+ SARMS together… for the cost thats beyond stupid.

Better off putting what you spent in the church donation basket and praying for gains.


You will make gains. You will make noticeable gains. However I don’t know if these “gains” are from water and glycogen, or if they are truly muscle. My friend is on Ostarine for about two weeks now. He gained 7 pounds the first week. Nothing will compare to gear, remember that, but I think this stuff is hyped up for good reason. I just got off a tren & test cycle. I’m starting lgd soon. I’ll let you know how it compares.

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LGD will not compare to tren… lol. Not remotely.

And I don’t believe it’s a given that he will make gains on Ostarine. I tried it. I didn’t gain anything.


Well of course it won’t keep up with it. Just will let him know how it will compare. I truly believe most of Ostarine gains are glycogen and water. Better for PCT to keep gains. I don’t know about LGD though. I’ll let you know.

Ostarine is actually not good for PCT. it should never be used in pct, as it can suppress the HTPA recovery. It does the opposite of what you want during PCT.

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Mixed feelings on Ostarine with suppression. Read some bloodwork that shows it is highly suppressive, read some bloodwork that show it causes almost no suppression. I guess it’s hard to know with sarms since sources can be unreliable sometimes. As for my friend on Ostarine (the 7lb gain one), he says he didn’t notice any libido change, so I don’t know. Not enough research on SARMs to say anything for sure. I believe, for now, if you get bloodwork and you see the suppression is non-existent for you on Ostarine, hell run it through every PCT you do.

Unrelated, something I just read, apparently if you suppress prolactin on cycle your test production is unaffected.

Completely unrelated just felt like sharing.

This. I’ve always felt like this is the absolute biggest factor in terms of different people winding up with vastly different results. I believe the inconsistency between products is likely enormous.

As to the prolactin thing. When you say ‘on cycle’ you’re just talking about an ostarine cycle right? Not a steroid cycle? I don’t know anything about that as far as ostarine goes, but I’m POSITIVE it’s not true for steroid cycles. Just wanted to clarify.


Nope, talking about a steroid cycle. I posted a link but it got removed. Makes sense since tren and deca shut down the hardest and they have prolactin sides. Basically the article said take caber on cycle even if your cycle isn’t prostagenic, get bloods, and be amazed at your LH and FSH staying high. Shit I’m gonna try it just for the hell of it. If it works that would be amazing. 90% chance it’s bull though.

What does common sense tell you?[quote=“byte, post:9, topic:216534”]
Unrelated, something I just read, apparently if you suppress prolactin on cycle your test production is unaffected.


Cabergolin is a dopamine agonist. It indirectly lowers prolactin. It may increase sex drive. That’s it. There is no way to avoid suppression on any cycle.

And if you hear or read that a SERM will prevent suppression on cycle, please don’t spread that nonsense.

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That it’s different for everyone, and there’s a chance it was spiked with AAS?


Quote directly from the article
"As mentioned before some studies have confirmed the suppression of prolactin will lead to you tricking your HPTA (hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis) into believing that it is not on cycle. When prolactin was reduced in the body, the HPTA was able to remain unaffected by testosterone treatments. The results can reflect that the mid-range levels of prolactin reduce the sensitivity of the HPTA system. It was also highlighted in studies that having higher prolactin levels while on cycle will result in an increased HPTA (hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis) responsiveness, meaning a fast shutdown of the HPTA. With high levels of prolactin in the system it will lead to sensitize the HPTA negatively in regards to gonadal steroids."

I posted the link before, but it got removed. If you wanna check it out google “prolactin suppression on cycle”. It’s the first result. In no way am I vouching for it, just thought it was interesting.

I don’t recall saying this? Reading over the article, it appears that the studies were done on testosterone only. So I’m guessing it might not work for test derivatives. Who knows if it even works. Studies seem well sourced though.

You are special.

You mean the studies conducted on rats and hamsters?

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Why thank you :relaxed:

True enough rats and hamsters are different than humans, however all studies start from rats and hamsters. I’m not even saying these articles are accurate or proven to be true. I just decided to throw it out there and let you guys see for yourselves. I know I’m going to run caber on a test cycle to see if it’s true. It makes sense, though. Prolactin sensitizes the HPTA, maybe no prolactin causes significant reduction in sensitivity.

How many threads are you going to turn into a debate on whether or not SARMs are suppressive?

They are. Just deal with it.

EDIT: and your thoughts on prolactin are bullshit too

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I never said they were not. Sorry for hijacking this thread though. The other thread is mine.

Not my thoughts, but probably.

byte, you’re definitely wrong on the prolactin thing. Whatever source you’re citing is incorrect. Otherwise Cabergolin would do the trick. I’ve run it. It managed my prolactin extremely well based on bloodwork I got, but I was still shut down. Period. Plenty of other people have tried this, and it just doesn’t work.


I’ve decided to go ahead and give it a shot. I’ve been on it for 2 days now and ill try to post regularly about what I’m experiencing. Appreciate the input by everyone and I’ll keep you posted.

Day 1:
12.5 mg Ostarine, Fish Oil, Multivitamin

Felt a little warm throughout the day but nothing too interesting. Maybe placebo. Had a chest day that went well. No change in strength obviously but still felt good.

Day 2:
12.5 mg Ostarine, Fish Oil, Multivitamin

Had a great back day but don’t think it was Ostarine related. So far nothing to report.

i’m starting to think that “byte” is a shill for one of the companies that sell SARMs…