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First Time Newbie Steroid Taker

Looking for right type of 1st time cycle where I don’t fuck myself up to much
young only 19 but have shoulder problems trained hard for about to 2 years but have been constantly set back and having to rehab quiet recently i trained very hard 2-3 hours a day not just gym but cardio and bodyweight of course for about 8 month to dislocate it again and want to build the muscle around my shoulder again quicker and regain losses using steroids.

I know many people will dissuade me from doing so but if I am to what would be the best stack

found test and deca but dont even know what levels to take it in and it would only be a 5 week course is it worth it looking like 2 shots a week as well couldnt get much info from supplier

on the other hand i have been searching for other threads on possible ideas and with time could definitely get a hold of whatever need me be but this current stack seemed to be good

Weeks 1 - 8 - Turanabol (40-50mg /day)
weeks 1 - 8 - Nolvadex (10mg /eod)
Weeks 1 - 8 - Liv52
Weeks 9 - 11 - Chlomid (100mg /day

any help or futher information being as i know very little
and i can tell there’s a wealth of knowledge from the more experienced guys would be very helpful cheers!

Your supplier is a dirt bag idoit feeding you shot information just trying to get your cash. Any “supplier” who reccomends Deca for 5 weeks only is pure fuck head idiot.

Punctuation. Learn it. If you are already having shoulder issues, why would you take something that is more than likely going to exacerbate it? I know deca helps with joints, but you have to consider whether the benefit from the deca will outweigh the additional stress you will incur from getting stronger and adding plates to the bar?