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First Time Leaning and Getting Ripped

Hey guys, I’ve just finished bulking and was at 150 pounds, my heights 5’9. Now I’m at 170 pounds, and I want to lean etc. What kind of workout plan should i follow now, reps? sets? exercises? etc. I need to have a strong focus on my legs, chest, and shoulders, which seem to be my weakest points. Thanks guys hope to hear from you soon!

I would continue lifting in the manner you have chosen (provided it is providing you with great results in terms of muscle gains - If not, you should reevaluate your approach) and continue building upon sound nutritional habits before considering leaning out. Done correctly, you should be able to gain muscle and stay relatively lean.

Some things to think about: How is your training going? Are you getting stronger? More muscular? Do you feel you are gaining muscle and fat at acceptable rates? How many times a day are you eating and what types of food are you eating? What could you be doing BETTER than you are right now? Do you plan to compete as a body builder? If so, who has the type of body you would like to look like?

If you are making great gains in muscularity, I would NOT advise killing that momentum by depriving your body of food. If you are gaining what you believe to be too much fat, I would first look at your nutritional approach ~> Are you ALWAYS making the best choices come meal time? Could you be following better nutritional habits around the workout time?

And secondly, I would assess your cardio efforts. Are you doing any? Perhaps adding in 1-3 High Intensity Cardio sessions a week would allow you to continue with your efforts without the need to go into a calorie deficit?