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First Time I've Ever Seen This


A fighter make the ringgirl look ugly


thought her underwear said "penn" for a second...I was like, damn you BJ


A fighter friend of mine was talking the other day about this really tough girl fighter who has a face and body like an English Bulldog. He says, "You can't be mean & pretty, too." Poop!!


Hello there.


I think Gina is beautiful. However, side by side, Cyborg looks like she's in much better condition, carrying more LBM than Gina. Keep in mind that I've never watched either of them fight, but assuming relatively equal skill, it seems like Cyborg has the advantage.

Edit: oh yeah here's the link where I got the pics:



Maybe, but Gina looks more perky, if you know what I mean.


They would beat my ass, if you know what I mean.


I'd gladly let them beat my ass, if you know what I mean.


I mean, let Gina.


Oh wow. I think I'm in love.


Akiyama makes the ring girls look ugly.


Off topic, but I found this bit interesting:

"Gina Carano ... successfully made weight on Friday for their anticipated showdown for the Strikeforce 145-pound championship. "


Gina is a babe! Hope she kick that woMAN's ass.


BOTH have been bigger than their past opponents and BOTH are primarily standup fighters, so this should be a barn burner. Gina has more technical finesse & has the edge in experience. Cyborg (imo) is stronger, a bit faster (debatable), and far far more aggressive. Both of them tend to outweigh the girls they fight. This is the first time they both are around the same weight. Cyborg tends to use her size & strength advantage to bully her opponents. Gina does (slightly) but not to the extent that Cyborg does. On top of this CYBORG is the one that appears to gas out, EVEN against smaller opponents.On sherdog they have a poll and more pro fighters and trainers picked Gina than they did cyborg, which is interesting.

I WANT Gina to win (goddamn i want a LOT of things with her), and I can see how she does it. But my head is telling me that she gets destroyed by cyborg. Sometimes overwhelming force can do the trick.

Heart- Gina by ref stoppage due to gnp after cyborg gases
Head- Cyborg by VISCIOUS KO due to overwhelming aggression


And the other head says Gina is already the winner.

I'm gross, I know.


Ohhh I think I know what you mean, if you know what I mean.


Sex is back!

"I think that regardless of whether it's men or women saying so, to be called sexy by anyone is high praise." -Yoshihiro Akiyama

As for Gina, she is the savior of womens mma via hotness.


For good measure I present to you the famous tangerine jacket...


I would do horrible, terrible, unforgivable things to just meet Gina Carano. I'm talking bus full of children, on fire, falling down a mountain terrible.


The ring girls were hotter.