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First Time In Gear Ever


Got talked into trying Multiply squat suit today. I put the briefs on my self so very loose and a the suit may have took a minute to put on. So technically everything is a PR. 750, 805, 855, and then 900 @205lbs bw in the video. Literally first time ever in any of this stuff and none of it is a competition fit.


Awesome job! Once you’re in multiply you’ll never go back.


Holy crap Reed that’s awesome.


It’s cool to see your facial expressions.

You look super pleased with 850.

900 looks less pleasant.

Great job!

Reed, do you use briefs a lot in your raw squat training?


Hey man now this is quite a bit late but, I wasn’t very active when I posted this so sorry for the late answer. But, to the question no. I have never once before this EVER even put a pair of briefs on. I literally went from belt and wraps to full fledge multiply gear haha. Haven’t really used it since.


That’s cool man.

I’ve always been impressed with you smooth technique. 1st time in the gear, and your Raw style carried right over.

Raw Strength + Equipment = Big equipped lifts.

Also, are the lights and music to get you used to the craziness of a powerlifting meet, or do you guys dance around a lot between sets down there?


Lmao it’s mostly to dance and fuck around during sets plus keeps the kids interested and having fun haha.