First Time Hosting a Meet

I am hosting my first meet this weekend. I started competing back in '99, so hopefully I have picked up enough of the do’s and dont’s over the years. I think we are looking at around 25 lifters; I wanted more but, it’s a start especially given that I coach at a health club. Proceeds are going to Special Olympics of SC. Wish us luck. I will post a wrap up afterwards.
2012 Upstate Push/Pull Showdown on facebook

Good luck! Our federation chairman has been asking me to host a meet for a couple years. I feel somewhat obligated to “give back” to the sport, but I admit to being pretty intimidated by the thought. I look forward to reading about your experience.

And the stage is set. No lights. We are going old school paddles. Gotta set out the trophies, and hang some banners tomorrow and bring out the bar. But, that is it. Not bad for a health club set-up. Aside from having to use one of health club benches, I am pretty satisfied. Should have right at 30 lifters; again, I am pleased for a first meet ever put on by the big box gym. Should be a good day. I am actually WAY more nervous than I have ever been competing. I also have one of my lifters competing for the first time, which makes it a bit tough for me. I would liked to have been able to fully coach him, but he will do great.

A very smooth, and quick running meet. I have always hated lifting in a meet that lasts through more than one meal. We ran smaller flights of 8 folks. 2 Flights of Bench, and one of deadlifts. Every lifter showed up raw. I had prepared for Raw and Equipped, but fun unsanctioned meets, do not always draw big gear’d lifters. Lifting started at 9:40, and we were done with the lifting portion around 11:20. Total lifters: 16 benchers, and only 6 deadlifters, but it was still great. I had 5 great judges so the same 3 did not have to judge bench and deadlift. Consistent and fair touch and go bench, with no real issues. Highest total for push/pull was 925 by a 242. Another small 198 (actually 183lbs) totaled with 795. Best bench was 425, by a 275’er. My favorite lifter of the day though, was a 66 year old man who totaled at 650 in the 242’s. He put on quite a show. 245 bench and 405 deadlift. Awesome. All in all, a great day. We had several first time competitors who have hopefully caught the bug. Best yet, we will be giving over $500 to Special Olympics of Greenville, SC. I look forward to doubling our numbers next time. It was also great for a health club full of long time members to see that there is more to a gym than treadmills, pools, and racquetball courts. We had some nice medals for 1 and 2nd placers, and some pretty sweet sculptures for 5 best lifters. I was also able to keep the entry fees to $45 bucks and under. Thanks for reading!

I’m glad you had a good experience and that you are willing to repeat next year. Local meets like this is what can bring new people into the sport, I wish we had more of these in my country.