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First Time for a Training Log

this is my first time to record, in writing, not just in my head, my training log.
my goal is to maintain my waist, 41’, and gain about 40lbs.
i am 5’10"
41" waist at the navel
52.5" around the shoulders
25" thighs
46" chest
15.5" upper arms
18" neck

is a 400lbs bench, 550lbs squat, and 650 lbs dead good goals for that body weight??

i do have a back injury at this moment. i work construction, and i cant stop working, so this is going to be a while until its fully healed, but when it is healed, it will still be strong, cause i take the stance of - bed rest is the worst thing you can do for a back, instead, baby it a bit while you continue your normal daily tasks, so it heals stronger.

16,12,10,8 incline - set of 8 with 205
5x5 flat - 255lbs
3x12 inclined cable flye - 50lbs
3x10 dips

feels great. been moving up in weight.

shoulder pain… having to switch things up.
changing my bench form… my elbows are too flaired im guessing. but im dropping flat bench all together for 4 weeks. going to an 8x8 inclined dumbell to try to relieve my shoulders for a bit, plus the upper chest is my weak point.
today is leg day. ill post later, doing 8x8 hack squat, leg extention, seated leg curl. and 8x20 calf raises.
probably 30min of sauna.
is the sauna a waste of time? im cutting cardio while im wanting to gain mass for the next year. i was hoping the sauna would get in the way of my goals while still helping a little bit with the extra fat ill be carrying

did 8x8 with 180lbs on hack squat… idk what is good and what is bad on hack squat, i have never really done it before. its a new machine for me, and its sooo light compared to hack sled, i feel weak.
8x8 with 170lbs leg extention
8x8 with 115lbs seated leg curl
8x20 with #15 standing calf raises.

its 2 days after and my legs are tore up. i feel like it was a good workout.

8x8 incline db press with 65lbs
8x8 flat bench flyes with #5
8x8 dips, no asistance or added wait
8x8 hammer incline press with 70lbs each side

8x8 zurger curls with 20lbs
8x8 hammer curls with 30lbs
8x8 drag curls with 70lbs

grape nuts with milk and protein powder sprinkled over them is my daily breakfast, usually a glass of milk as well
lunch is either tbone, veneson, or lunch meat turkey with Ezekiel bread and cheese - never less than 40 grams of protein
peanuts for a snack
same for second lunch
dinner is always a toss up… depends on who and where i am eating. my daily schedule doesnt provide stability at night.
all that with a 40 gram protein shake post workout adds up to about 200 grams of protein a day.
drink coffee, tea and lots of water throughout the day.

what are anybodys thoughts on the trainings and/or the diet? everything but dinner is set.

no replies… interesting…
i went to the chiropractor today… i have a pinched nerve in my neck, it was my first time a chiropractor, i decided to go, cause all a doc would say is rest… he did some adjustment… ill keep up with this log

havent changed my training much, accept to add a couple small movements (face pulls, rot.cuff exercises) to fill my weakness’ noticed in my big lifts.
hack squat 8x8 with 190lbs… does the sleigh count for any weight?
also i decided to split my quads and hams… dont feel like im sufficiently hittin my hams

weighing 214, but need to clean up my diet… too many useless calories…

get back on the wagon, yo!