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First Time Female Lifter at 58 Years Old

Hi there

A short intro.

I’m a 58 year, overweight woman who hasn’t exercised for 30 years. In the last three months I have started going to the gym and discovered lifting - and I love it.

I started at about 40kg and am now lifting 65 kg (5 reps for 4 sets) . This week with my trainer I’m going to try to see what my max lift is.

I don’t know anyone else my age doing this so have no idea how I compare. I would really like to have a one year goal for lifting but not sure how much to aim for. Can anyone help. I’m currently 90kg but need to lose 10kg.

I still need to build my basic fitness as well, so I deadlift two times a week and also have a general “fat burning” training two times a week.

Anyway, just a quick hello. While getting older means you lose some of your self consciousness, i still feel a bit like a fish out of water in the gym - as I’m always the oldest and fattest in the room.



As we all have felt this in some form at some point in our lives. I think you should continue lifting and take it a day at a time. It is great to have goals of course, but I would focus on just improving everything you can for right now. Over time, I think you will find specific goals for yourself. While everything is still new, find your bearings and let the dust settle. Since you have a trainer, and you trust him/her, follow their lead and enjoy making these changes.

Oh, and congratulations :slight_smile:

On which exercise?

Is this the only free weight movement your trainer have you do?

What does that consist of?
Has your trainer given you any simple basic eating guidelines ?

I think Evolv say’s it all. For the time being just enjot yourself. In time you will find what’s working for you. You could consider training for a specific purpose such as powerlifting, whilst training to lose weight. It gives you more to train towards. Carryout a search for your local Powerlifting division for more info. By the Im 54 and started PL last year. Its a great comunity with plenty in our age group, both male and female.Good luck.

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thanks for the encouragement. I do other free weight movements with barbell - such as barbell row and lunges as well as dumbbell and other exercises.

Today, I’m pleased to say I lifted 77.5kg as my one rep max. I’m getting a training and eating plan so I can lose weight but not lose muscle and strength.



that was a deadlift.

Way to go lady, that’s a good lift!:slight_smile:

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Great stuff Eliza! I’m a 54yo f/m and am just getting into this powerlifting too. I have weight to lose but am pretty happy with my progress so far. I love this site…so much information!

Be great to keep hearing how you’re going.

All the best!

thanks for the encouragement.