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First Time Fainting

Didn’t know where else to post this but I thought to shed light on what happened here:

On Sunday I went to have a tattoo done on my leg (thigh and hamstring) which required some shaving of body hair, I was standing at the time, and progressively what I felt was an elevated heart rate and slightly dizzy, this kept going for about a minute (I guess?), there was some blood droplets when he began shaving and the next thing I know I’ve fainted and being picked up by my tattoo artist’s assistant, felt disorientated because I didn’t know who this guy was (having just met him that afternoon).

This occurred around 2pm in the afternoon, I ate at 1pm (two chicken breasts, 3 boiled small eggs whole), had only one cup of herbal tea in the morning and my last meal on Saturday night finished about 10pm. I’ve been doing IF (16/8) for over a week and never had issues like this last week or any time in the gym or doing physical activity - as I said in the title this is the first time I’ve fainted. I am a Type 2 Diabetic and my blood sugar usually tests around 124 mg/dl after meals.

What happened? was I too nervous or did my blood sugar drop far too low? Did I go into shock? This has never happened before and as centered and as stable as I am mentally this did scare the shit out of me.

I sat for a while, rested and by the time I was given a Snickers and Diet Coke I felt okay (felt okay before the high sugar food and drink arrived). Later after I finished the tattoo towards the last stages (about 3.5 hours work) I felt a similar dizzy feeling but drank the diet Coke immediately. Thank you for your replies.

Was this your first tattoo? Did you feel nervous about it? It was probably just do to nerves about the tattoo, but it wouldn’t hurt to go see your primary physician to just make sure all is well with the diabetes.

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Thank you both :slight_smile: Second tattoo. Sugar was better managed leading up to this tattoo than the previous one in 2005 when I was first diagnosed with Type 2. I’ll just chalk this up to being an “interesting” experience but will continue to monitor blood glucose this week.