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First Time Ever Using Steroids


I am 18, I have some oral dianabol that will be here in 2 weeks so I am currently planning the cycle. This is my first time ever using any kind of steriods. I am 5'8 133 pounds pure muscle. Been lifting for a about a year now. Should I take 20 mg or 30mg a day for 4 or 6 weeks? What kind of PCT should I take to keep most of my gains? Should I drink a shit ton of water or not? How long should I wait until I take another cycle of dbol? What can I take while in cycle to keep my liver and organs good? Thanks!


Heres an idea. how about 0mg daily for about another 5-7 years at least.
Youre 18 man, all you are going to do is cause you physical problems that you WILL regret later in life.
At 133 lbs, I seriously doubt your diet is on par....Eat like a beast and get in the gym.
With your plan, all I see is you becoming a bloated mess crying on the couch, watching and agreeing with the ladies on The View and crying uncontrollably.


Have you at least had blood work done? Unless you have low T, I'd agree with @rich33584.


5'8 133 is extremely skinny i am the same height and 185 lb currently, when i started i was around 140 lb trained natty like 3.5 years and before i decided to hop on anything i was around 170 lb 10% bf.. and maxed out on most of my lifts, dont do AAS just because u want to look a certain way.. thats never the answer, i did it mostly for performance and to lift heavier then got addicted to the aesthetic looks, when you come off the stuff especially as a first cycle you will lost 50% of the gains.. not worth it truthfully unless you need it to compete or getting paid for it..


Reading this article will provide you with enough information to grow without using. Eat big. Lift heavy. Rest plenty.


You are 18, skinny, and you have only been training for a year. That alone tells me that you don't need to get on gear. I started training when I was 18-19 and in the Marine Corps. I trained my ass off and decided i wanted to compete at 26. I'm 6"1 and I float around 220-230 offseason and I'm not exactly fat. After my first prep my coach and I decided that I would have to get on gear in order to be competitive in the NPC/IFBB. You are a LONG ways from having to make that decision. Don't do something stupid now that will mess you up long term. Your body is still developing and you just started lifting. I'm guessing your diet sucks. Do you have any idea of what your macro intake should be on a daily basis? Since you are skinny I'll go ahead and say that you should eat a metric fuckton of food and train your ass off. This shit is not a sprint. Hopefully you'll hold off on the gear for at least a few years. Do your research in that time. You can really screw yourself up if you don't know how to construct a cycle. I am in no way, shape, or form trying to talk you out of using AAS. I take them and I love them... But give it time. Also, is there a concrete reason for wanting to take them or do you want take them to be a cool guy in the gym? To me, this stuff can be way too expensive to do it without a real reason or purpose. You are asking how much water you should drink..... I could think of many more questions that are important. Not trying to bust your balls, but I don't really believe that you have put alot of thought into this. Hopefully you can get some guidance on here. Good luck!


To echo everyone else in here... Don't use the shit man. I started out at 5'9" and 130 lbs. I ate and trained myself all the way to 195 lbs without ever touching a single drug. It is very possible to do it naturally.


I was 119 lbs last year and I feel like I have reached my peak, I eat a shit ton of food and train hard I have been lifting continuously for only a year but I've lifted for about 3 years all together but not seriously mainly just calisthenics. The guy who ordered it for me is experienced with steriods and has used them for many years and thought I should take dbol for more gains. I really want to take them to get stronger. What's a good pct that will help me keep the gains? And should I drink a ton of water or will it cause more water retention? I'm going to take them no matter what now man. Can you please just help me with my questions because I need the assistance bro. Lol thanks


The Marines made me do too much cardio to get any bigger... I lost a lot of the muscle that I did have in high school during my time in. Though, there's a game changer: they no longer punish you (by size) if you are a 285+ PFT'er and some other stuff.

His proposed "cycle" will do that for him. Literally.

@jphysique 119 lbs, got up to 133 (a whopping 14 pounds, which you claim is all muscle), and 5'8"? Bro, you got some more eating to do. I could give two shits if you screw up your body on cycle as you're 18 and adult enough in America to make that decision for yourself; I'd advise against it until you have kids though. I didn't want kids at 18, but, I decided to have one at 24. The likelihood of that happening is "slim" (I think 30%), but, I wouldn't risk it nonetheless at your age. DBol only? PCT? You're gonna end up at maybe 140 when PCT is done. Congrats. You could've gotten that eating 1000 more (good macro split) calories per day and putting a little more effort in at the gym in the same duration of DBol/PCT.

Study more about AAS. Then, go for it if you want.

I'd like to see what you ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner yesterday, though. Post your usual diet. Also, I'd like to see your 3RM or 1RMs or entire routine.


Well, they won't make that weak mind of yours any stronger.


A) Echo what everyone said. No amount of usage is appropriate at that weight/height. you have a lot more to gain naturally.

B) Dbol only cycle? If you're going to use stick with Test E 500mg/week for 12 weeks. Less sides and risks and much better overall IMO.


You weigh 133lbs, eat a "shit ton" of food, only been training a year (which you gained 14lbs; while possibly growing an inch or two taller) and have already reached your peak??? You should be embarrassed saying those things out loud let alone writing them on a public forum

Why isn't your very experienced buddy helping you out???

No one here can help you if you don't listen. Don't puck your hormones up! You'll regret it. Learn to eat and make gains naturally. Once you're actually ready to cycle you'll be thankful you did because there ARE people who cycle and don't make gains.. you know what happens to those people? They're forced to bump their dosage levels to unsafe levels AND they lose every thing they gain when coming off..

You'll end up gaining prob less than 10lbs each cycle and lose everything each time coming off.. you'll effectively float between 133 to 145lbs before quitting altogether and be left with shifty health problems

Good luck


GOMAD + Heavy squats. That will do more for you than Dbol will, as far as actual gains.

Strong diet and proper programming will make all the difference in the world.


Starting Strength. Just do the program.

Like others have said- Dbol, and AAS in general, is a waste right now. You're 18, and very under weight. You're nowhere near your peak at 133lb.


I just come to these topics for the occasional laugh. 18 training for a year, maxed out potential ha I'm going on 8 years and still increasing weights.


You're clearly delusional - this guys a genetic god and he maxed out his potential in a year. You think you can make progress for 8 years?!?! Fraud!


You say you're going to take them regardless of the excellent advice given so I'll answer to play damage reduction. The biggest problem you'll have is placing too much emphasis on steroids after you run them and probably lose all of your gains and think you need more. I use to do pro-hormone cycles back when they were good and would lose a lot of gains until I learned to: not be a pussy, not to listen to those they say you'll lose it all (off small light cycles before well past genetic peak), and not rely on them. I recommend to save your dbols for the future as they will work better and retain more gains in a few years of training and proper diet.

Should I take 20 mg or 30mg a day for 4 or 6 weeks?
- take 20mg once a day before training and same time on off days for 4 weeks, or look into Bill Roberts 2 week on 4 weeks off plan (recommended for cycles like). I'd also strongly recommend an AI dosed lightly during the cycle- it'll avoid sides, but more importantly the ones you don't notice and recovery.

What kind of PCT should I take to keep most of my gains?
- grab a bottle of research liquid nolvadex and run it once a day until done (get an AI as well for during). It's important to keep training and diet up to par- even more so once you're off, too many people lose their gains from light cycles or before their well past their natural peak (which you are far from) because they rely on the steroids too much and never train well afterwards.

Should I drink a shit ton of water or not?
- yes, drink plenty, it will help detox you, gains, keep water retention down, help liver and kidneys.

How long should I wait until I take another cycle of dbol?
- if on for 4 weeks take 6-8 weeks off, if on for 2 weeks take 4 weeks off.

What can I take while in cycle to keep my liver and organs good?
- water!!! Plus a healthy diet. The liver supps are bs.


I'd be interested to meet this friend who is very experienced with AAS..... This shit is comical now. The guys on here have given a ton of great advice and yet this guy says he's gonna take Dbol alone anyways... Simply AMAZING! Obviously there is very little research done by him or his "experienced" friend. You wanna take them to get stronger?? That statement hurts my brain... Dude, you are 18... How about you eat and train for a significant amount of time. Still asking about drinking water I see... Fucking drink it. You aren't in peak week and cutting water. Your body needs that shit. Lot's of AAS can cause water retention, but you NEED water..... But I'm sure Mr. Experience will give you a proper protocol for that too..... Trust me, and everyone else, when we say you shouldn't be doing the shit at this point in your life. Like I said, I use them and don't deny it. BUT I have spent years of consistently training and eating the proper diet I require. I have researched different gear and protocols. My coach is an IFBB Pro and has "experience" with gear. Do research, take time, stay consistent, train hard, EAT, and get better advice than taking the word from someone who has probably only pinned a couple of low dose test cycles...