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First Time Doing Tren

1-8 weeks
Test-E 500mg/week
Tren-E 400mg/week
Mast. 300mg/week(first 3-4 weeks)

Weeks 9-14
Test-E 500mg/week
Anavar 20mg/daily(last 30 days)
Winny 50mg/daily(last 25 days)
Tern-Ace 300mg/week(last 3 weeks)

will have arimidex on standby and will wait two weeks and run nolvedex 40/40/20

please let me know what you guys think of this clean bulk cycle and let me know if you would change things around…thanks

Was thinking of lowering the test but not sure if I would need to… What are your thoughts gentlemen

I would like to know should I run the armidex every third day during the whole cycle???

I don’t suppose you have a plan for prolactin control or PCT?

i have some bromo but looking into getting Cabergoline. sorry i didn’t mean to leave that out… other than that what does everyone think for the cycle

Not planning PCT could be ruin.