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First Time Doing Strength Training


hi jim i got you book beyond 5//3/1 and looking to start one of the programs, Im looking at BBB or the beyond 5/3/1 program, i don’t have a TM yet but will once i start.
Just wanted to ask what you recommend for me to start?
Also with the BBB program it tells me to do 5/3/1 sets,on the first big left my question on that is, is it like in your book which you say do 3x5 (week1),3x5(week2),3x5/3/1(week3) then repeat again for three weeks then de loud or just do 3x5/3/1 at the start on every work out, also at what % do i left the weights on each workout?
thanks a lot
i know they very basic questions and will be in the book or on this site,i just need info so i can start and head for the right direction


There is a simple 4 step guide which will take all the guess work out of how you should structure your intoduction to training, including the activities to support it.

Follow it if you want to be successful.


i have the beyond 5/3/1 book but just want to know whats the best way to start! like i said before i like the BBB but i don’t understand what it means by doing the first left, do i just do the 3x 5/3/1 or do it by first week 3x3 then 3x5 then 3x 5/3/1 than repeat again then de load seventh week
hoping you guys could help me start a program

thanks anyways for the responds i appreciate it


For example basic BBB:
W1: 65%x5/75%x5/85%x5+ /5x10@50%
W2: 70%x3/80%x3/90%x3+ /5x10@50%
W3: 75%x5/85%x3/95%x1+ /5x10@50%
Increase TM
W4: 65%x5/75%x5/85%x5+ /5x10@50%
W5: 70%x3/80%x3/90%x3+ /5x10@50%
W6: 75%x5/85%x3/95%x1+ /5x10@50%
W7: Deload
Increase TM, repeat

But since you are new to lifting, dont start with BBB. Follow the advice from above.


thank you for the reply!!!


sorry guys one more question your TM (training max), is that your one rep max? could someone please explain it for me

thank you


No, your TM is different to your 1RM. It is covered in the book (or any number of articles). Refer to them as it is worth understanding the reasoning behind it rather than blinding accepting a calculation.


so basically my understanding of the TM is around 85-95% of your 1RM.
so when you do 5/3/1 and my 1RM is 100kg i would be doing 75%(75kg)x5.85%(85kg)x3 and 95%(95kg)x1,which means my TM is 95kg
would that be correct


No. You are not correct. Just re-read the book. There are many written examples of all of this. All layed out.


ok i just got your first book and it explains it really good!
so if my 1RM is 100kg and i want to do the 5/3/1 sets i would do it like this

  • work out my TM which would be 100 x .9 which gives me 90kg, now knowing that my TM is 90 kg, will do the % from my TM (90KG)
    please tell me I’m on the right track?
    thanks everyone for the replies


You are correct. Keep it simple.


go on the google and type “5/3/1 for beginners” - There is a variation on The Wendler site.