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First Time Doing Snatches


Well I tried snatches for the first time yesterday. Just wanted to say what a great asskicker they are. Im a true convert. Now any newbies who have'nt tried these I suggest you do they are truly humbling( is that a word).



First Time Doing Snatches



I was just saving myself for that special something.


I've just started performing some clean and jerks, and after 3X8 I feel like I'll never move again - I've written snatches into my workout plan further down the line to replace clean and jerks. That should be about two weeks time.

What are these bad boys like compared to clean and jerks? more or less demanding?


For me, clean and jerks are harder on my body (biceps tendon). In the snatch, where you get the bar overhead in one motion, it doesn't bother my tendon. But snatches are more difficult to perform because of the single motion.

I think snatches are awesome.


Snatches to me are just tougher do to explosiveness needed to propel the wt overhead. and theres always the balance issue for me. they also did some strange things to my breathing like thrusters when doing tabata's

just a fat bastard working


how do you do snatches or clean and jerks.


Check out the current article by Chad Waterbury (for a power clean, the start of a clean and jerk) and do a search for "snatches". Charles Staley and CT both have written good article on this.