First Time, Doin' It Right?

I’m looking to going for a first time cycle. Of course the main reason is to bulk up and strength. Question is, what should I get to start with? Thanks in advance, and serious replies please.

start with doing some research.


Do some research on Test, D-bol, Anadrol, and Fina/Tren (trenbolone acetate). For me, Test is king. The rest of the other chemicals are good for bulking and strength purposes.

Do some research on all those chemicals… pick the ones you want to do… construct a cycle (a cycle where it looks like you know what you are doing and what you want to achieve)… and then we’ll do our best to help you fine tune it based on your goals and current stats.

Also, do some HEAVY research on ancillaries (HCG, Clomid, Nolvadex, Femara, etc). These are for PC (post cycle) recovery. These are a MUST, not an option. Good luck.

while shoot while we are at it look find out what you can about EQ and Deca as well.
I mean yeah I’m harsh but do a little research before you jump into this. I’ve been researching for the last 2 years and I still have tons to learn my first cycle of injectables will not be for another month or so probably.

I’ve done some research, didn’t really know about the post cycle, thanks. But I’ve decided on a Test, D-bol & Winn. Stats are as follows:
15% B/F
34yrs old
Spent enough time in the gym & here to taylor a good work out plan. I really need the help in the “how much, how to stack & when” doses.

No offense bro, but b-bol and winny aren’t generally stacked together. THey can be, but if they where then you’d know how to do so by properly researching it. How long do you plan to be on? What’s your pct look like?

Alrighty then, I see that this thread has went nowhere. I suppose the genral reason that I posted this was to get some advise. I do also do research in addition. I suppose that by my posting this thread, that I would have some positive feedback as well as pointers, wouldn’t one think. Even with research, opinions from those who have had/has some experience in the results from the use for “banned substances”. I do however understand that yes they are illegal yada yada blah blah, I’m not asking about anyone’s address or name(couldn’t care less), just some help. DA, you seem to be outspoken, but by your own testimony you have never tried them yourself, hmmm, not much creditibilty. As for all else, thanks, because you are pointing me in the right dight direction, but being ambiguious and playing charades is not getting to the point. Thanks again for the input.

You sound condescending towards Wideguy and MN. I won’t be ready for injectables for at least a couple of more years and I constantly read what Prisoner#22 and these “vets” to the dark side post because they know what they are talking about. If you want their help, then you should follow their instructions and do your own research. They will not be there to hold your hand when the surgeon says, “Let’s remove those tits.”

Listen to PKP and by the way I said I have not done my first cycle of injectables. Read my cycle posted as, AD50?, and you will see that I gained 8bls in 3 weeks off of what some would say is a cycle that should have got me nothing but bloat. I also have helped to design cycles that have paided off for friends and people on this board. So do…wait wait never mind sorry for actually caring and trying to get you to do some of your own work for yourself and trying to deffend my rep…hope some one else helps you…
Blow me

How can you do research and not know about the need for PCT?

Anyway, not a slam really, but holy crap, what kind of information is hanging around out there that doesn’t tell people this?

Heck, I’m not even at the point where I’d consider myself “researching” yet, but just following along in case I develop an interest at some point in the future.

Maybe someone can give you a link to a good steroid FAQ or a steroid for newbies thread. I don’t think anyone will want to design a cycle for you if you don’t have a handle on the PCT needs yet.

I shudder to think how many people hit up a supplier before they actually know what they are doing… ?

“Steroids for Dummies” and “Juicer’s SAT” on T-Mag. After that, “Super Steroid Stacks” or something like that. All by Cy Willson. In fact, read anything with Cy Willson’s name on it.

I bumped the newbie thread up. Read it. Lot’s of info.

Thanks for the info to read. I’ll be sure to check out Cy’s articles.

wow…I’d never tell one of the “vets” that they didn’t have credibility. I read the gear articles and threads because I like to know stuff. I respect all the people that know more than I do…and I respect them enough to go do my own research (T-Nation has a great search engine…I’ve spent many many hours sifting through the gold mine!) and also to go read the articles they recommend.
I wonder if this guy acts this way in all aspects of his life?
Hey…how long have you been training? Have you come close to maxing out your ‘natural’ potential yet?

No big deal, I was an ungrateful dick when I first came here asking for “advice”. Then I came to realize that the whole idea, and it’s just not right to go and tell somebody “Here do A stacked with this much B for this number of weeks, along with this. Then when you’re done wait a 3 days and take this.” You don’t learn anything that way. It is a science. Even more so IT’S YOUR BODY that you’re "running the tests on. Do you actually learn shit if somebody tells you all the answers to a test? No. Yeah you might still have a good score but it won’t mean shit when the answer givers aren’t there.

Power is not power without knowing how one attained it.

well was thinking of doing a cycle but i have been reading all of your posts haha damn I need to do some research:(

thanks for all the info ihope to pick your brains once i know what the hell you guys are talking about!!