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First Time Dieting on Anabolics

I’ve been on TRT for almost 5 months and just started my first fat loss phase in which I’ve added anabolics to prevent muscle loss and look better.

I’ve dieted a lot in the past successfully when getting ready for summer but have been natural up until this point. For me dieting was always very easy - remove calories until you loose around 1 pound a week. When you stop loosing weight remove 200 calories from the diet and repeat until desired body fat is achieved. Easy.

But this time around I’m on 200mg test weekly, 400mg primobolan weekly and 20 mg anavar daily. Even though I seem to be loosing fat, I’m gaining weight. Calories are quite low, but I don’t really have that feeling of being super hungry yet. How do I determine when to remove further calories or add more cardio when on anabolics and body weight can’t really be trusted? It’s hard to be objective and precise when looking in the mirror for me. I’m very tall so 1 pound of body fat removed weekly from a tall body is not necessarily easy to see from week to week. I don’t want to go too fast, but is afraid of going too slow too. Any advice?

Thank you.

You’re gaining weight (probably) in the form of pure lean mass… Oxandrolone itself is more potent then most give it credit for. In terms of LBM gained within HIV+ men on 20mg var daily were significant, 3.1kg more than placebo over 8 weeks… and gained 6.9kg in total (not exactly applicable to you’re scenario… the gains in LBM you’d see would probably be more significant). Such gains appear to be made absent of resistance training being implemented, or at least the notion of an exercise regime isn’t specified

These accruals in muscle mass from 20mg of legitimate oxandrolone daily appear to surpass that of gains made from 600mg testosterone alone without exercise… gains in LBM on 600mg for 20 wks absent of exercise (normal, healthy men) were around 8kg… Does this particularly mean oxandrolone is more potent than test? No, the men in this study were sick… regarding dose response to healthy young men may be an entirely different matter… but one would think that one with a systematically induced catabolic state would have a harder time putting on mass with or without anabolic intervention… hence it’d only serve to make the argument in relation to Oxandrolone’s strength stronger, not weaker!

When cutting on anabolic I’d say, go by changes in the mirror… not numbers on a scale… unless you’re putting on 15-20lbs I wouldn’t worry too much.