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First Time Deadlift


Me and a friend was working out today - and although he's only been working out for a few months - he's got that natural giant look going on.

As I was doing DLs, I asked if he wanted a go, and tought him the basics. The guy lifted 440lbs, perfect form, at the end of a 2 hour workout. He complained about a knee injury, and didn't want to go further (although he most definately could).

I suggested that he should get into powerlifting or something like it, but he's afraid of looking bulky. The main reason he's working out, is to look "tighter".

Anyway.. While 440 is "weak" for a committed powerlifter, is it considered exceptional for someone who has had basically NO strength training? Or just strong?

Please hand me some arguments that could help him away from those terrible "fitness" exercises.


Um, no 440 is terrible I do that with one hand, blindfolded, with one leg on a balance ball.

440 is more than fine for anyone, bud, powerlifter or not.

His weight would make the difference, if he's 132 pulling 440 is phenominal, if he's 350lbs it's less so.

Tell him chicks dig powerlifters.

Case in point... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6Ndg2u_zMw&search=powerlifting%2C


You're fucking retarded if you think 440 is weak, and anyone that lifts that much with no weight training is a freak.


Of course 440 isn't weak. What I meant was if it's so good he would be considered a natural that should get into the sport ASAP.

I'm guessing he weighs about 200lbs.


That video is hilarious!!


Did he just pull it once?
I'd say try and get him started, but if he isn't going to be motivated then forget about it. He should know that to look "tight" you have to lift big weights, and he could probably pull 600 in a month or two, cause that lift was probably just raw and he hasn't hit his groove yet.


If you are a tall, long-limbed guy with a healthy back, pulling comes a little easier- at least at first- than it does for short guys. I had a similar expereience when I first tried deadlifting. I think us taller dudes have an easier time getting the bar moving off the floor. Also longer fingers allow for a better grip.


He might be a lost cause. I'm sorry, but anyone who wants to look "tighter" and is afraid of looking "too bulky" is a pussy. There's no other way to put it. They make up those silly ass fitness routines for middle aged women and teenaged girls.

Hopefully you can convert him, but it doesn't look very hopeful. And with how strong he seems to be, he'll probably be able to make progress even on a shitty routine, and will use this as an excuse to ignore all of your advice.


Well, 435 is my PR, and I've seen strong highschool football players in the 240-280 range who's deadlifts got stuck around the 450 mark, although there's that rare deadlifting exception. One guy at age 16 just pulled 500 at 240 in his first deadlift max-he had done plenty of squats and cleans, but he was built to dead. My brother did 300 at age 13 his first day of ever lifting weights, but was 220 pounds and he got to 485 before his 16th birthday, but he had a series of knee, ankle and foot injuries-and as a result back problems-and never really got to see what he could do.


I just wish we had more threads with beginners claiming 400+ pound deadlifts.


Well if this is true then this guy is a fucking idiot if he doesn't become a powerlifter. Hell there arn't many pros that pull 700 lbs. Dead lift is the hardest of the three lifts.


I wouldnt be so quick to dismiss it, I had a good friend hit 400 on his first ever deadlift workout and 500 on his 2nd, I mean hes a big dude, 230ish (big to me), had to use straps and he did have a history of bodybuilding, but it was fairly legit, not calibrated plates or anything, but close enough.


Thanks for backing me up! Why would I even lie about how much a friend lifts? While he's new to the heavy weight game, he sure doesn't look like it. He pretty much looks like a viking, and has probably been lifting timber etc. since he was a little child. Maybe that explains why his only strong lifts are deads and squats. His bench and pushes are well within the normal-range.

I really don't see why this is so hard to believe.