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First Time Cycle

Hey everyone,

I’m going to start my first cycle of Test E at the beginning of November. I was reading around that 250mg a week would be a good start. Would that be a good amount to begin with or should I go higher?


P.S. I’m 27, 174lbs, and around 17% bf.

Also, I have a buddy of mine who has Primo and Dbol. Would these be any better?

Dont ever ask for a source to anything, legality stuff for the website.

You are not ready.

Do more research and A LOT MORE lifting.

What is your Squat Dead and Bench PRs?



THE TRUTH IS Starting your first cycle is awesome but you wont have the great gains with out a great base. Muscle, strength, training, diet all need to be on point for steroids to really shine. I have seen it so many times in actual person.

Squat: 300lbs PR
Deadlift: 325lbs PR (struggling haha)
BP: 265lbs PR

Fair enough. I didn’t read well enough into the rules. I won’t ask around again.

I’ve been working out for about 6 years and wanted to see if I could take it further. But if your opinion is that I’m not ready, so I can hold off until I can do more research.

youre not ready brother. I would say atleast hit a 400 squat, 500 DL and 300 bench before cycling, at that point your base should be crisp and ready to shine

Roger that.

Will do.