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First Time Cycle


Here is my current cycle I am thinking about running, a buddy with a few years of steroids experience wrote it for me:

Wk 1-4 dbol @ 30mg
Wk 1-4 test prop @ 250 mg
Wk 1-16 Eq
Wk 1-16 test cyp @ 250mg wk1-4 then 5-16 @500 mg

Nolva and clomid will be on hand, thinking about adding HCG. This will be my first cycle and I am hoping to compete mid November, then again in early December, obviously this is off season but I was thinking of cutting down to 12 weeks on this cycle, 4 weeks pct then 12 weeks contest prep, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Interesting use of prop for the first 4 weeks - Personally I wouldnt bother, I think your Test levels will be higher than rest of cycle at week 4/5 - Prop gives you more bang for buck… And screw pinning ED as a first timer! Having the DBol there is for the same reason as the prop, to speed things up!

Same for the EQ, just dont think its worth it… But no harm adding it in.

Which comes down to this - Most first time cycles are simply 500mg test per week. This is because it is easy but effective. Users then have the joy of trying this with different compounds added in down the line and can track how their body reacts.

I hate it when people say “I will
have it on hand” no, have it in use and planned! You need an Ai like Adex and HCG on cycle. - Adex @ 0.5mg eod and HCG @ 250iu 3 x per week.

Do you plan to cycle, PCT for 4 weeks, then go back on cycle?

You might aswell stay on if this is the case.

If you plan to PCT then stay off for your comp prep then go with Nolvadex @ 20mg per day for 8 weeks as aposed to the old 40/40/20/20.

Yes most likely 4 weeks pct then onto cutting/ contest prep

Terribly reply… everyone responds differently, hence having it “on hand” why would someone take an AI if there are no side effects? The take it just because approach is retarded. At leas the has it if he needs it. Its not like the shit takes a month to start working noob.

you’re an arsehole and I don’t like you


Why even waste your time trying to annoy aomeone over the net? absolute goon lol

If by cutting contest prep you mean another cycle then there is absolutley no point trying to PCT in between.

Either extend cycle length or plan a shorter cycle nearer your comp.

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his shit could be bunk and you guys are telling him to take an AI? What a dumbass.


Well, not taking an AI because “his shit could be bunk” is certainly a new one, so points for originality, I suppose…

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What’s even funnier is Andy’s not been here long and he’s already got himself a stalker lol.

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Haha, yeah. Now I think about it: why’ve YOU never had a stalker?

I’ve had a couple but none for a while. Must be doing something wrong.

I’m usually able to identify crazy fuckers quite well so I don’t engage them haha.

you need a little crazy in your life I think. Gives you perspective.

My mate Derek, whom we ironically used to call “Crazy Derek” used to say “I’ve seen crazy, I know that’s not me.”

I’ve been around too many growing up. How do you think I learned how to identify crazy lol? Remember the dude I told you about who saw the flying head?

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what’s funny is that you have the grammar of a child.

Good luck with your screwed up joints.

That really is a bad point man. Test and dbol are basically never bunk. I guess maybe it could be different outside of the US, but I’ve never seen that issue here. The raw materials are just too cheap for people to have a good reason to make bunk test/dbol. In the rare instance that an AI crashed E because of bunk gear, one would likely realize it essentially immediately, so the problem could be fixed quickly and easily. Crashed E can be returned to normal levels very quickly. Within a week or 2.

I’ll address your other point about having it on hand. You seem to believe that if you can’t see/feel side effects of estrogen, that there are no side effects of estrogen. That’s false in itself. The other issue is that once a person experiences side effects, specifically gyno, it becomes far more difficult to rectify the issue than it would have been had one been vigilant prior to symptoms, and used an AI from day 1.

There’s a bigger issue here though. You seem to be more interested in calling people out, specifically Andy, than you are at helping to guide other users in proper directions. Your knowledge is clearly limited in the steroid world (as evidenced by the correction I made above to your way of thinking), so I get it. The path you’ve chosen is easier. But consider changing your mind. Your bro-knowledge is not useful or welcome, and I think you may better yourself if you start listening more than talking.

But you do what you want. This will be the last time I address your negativity, as I’m quite sure I have before in at least 1 other post.

lol, thaaaaaaaaanks.

haha, oh yeah I forgot about the flying head dude!

Back to the topic at hand, as far as this cycle goes does anyone see any issues such a being too over complicated for a first timer or is it pretty solid?