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First time cycle


Hi Guys,

I have been toying around with the idea of running a cycle for some time now.
I dirty bulked a little too hard in the off season and have a couple vacations along with a possible photo shoot in 3 months.

I am 29, have been training for over 5 years serious, some stats: Squat - 365, DL - 405, DB press - 105's.
I have done some reading and found that Winstrol or Anavar seem to be the safest/best for cutting. I would like orals over injections.
These seem good for me as they seem the be the least harsh on your body.

I am knowledgeable in working out and nutrition, but not in AAS.



Best? No.

Safest? No oral is safer than an injectible drug. Not even close.

But its your choice.

What's your cycle plan? You left that out of yoru post. No one is going to do that for you.


Thanks for your input so far...
I am guessing Orals are worse for you as they have to pass through the liver?

Have you used Anavar or Winstrol?
I am still doing a lot of reading and am looking at getting experienced/informative answers.

No site I have come across so far has explained how often to take/when to take/for how long...


Orals tend to be worse on the lipid profile, blood pressure, and liver, yes.

Do a search on this site for anavar and/or winstrol cycles. There arent many threads on using both at the same time because it's not an ideal combo.

But there are plenty of threads on each.


Not both....I am going to use either/or. Most likely Anavar for 6 weeks.
After reading a couple of other threads, it seems like 20 is too little a day and that 50-80 mg should be ideal...


50-80mg ED of Anavar for 6 weeks is going to be extremely expensive. Man up and pin. The results are far better, and after the first few it becomes completely routine.


What's ED and I don't care about cost...


ED = every day
EOD = every other day
E3D = every third day