First time cycle while on test.replacement

I am a 25 years old male that has been on test. replecament for 4 years, 250mg one every 10 days. How would you construct a cycle for a person in my situation. My stats are 6:1 at 249lbs, bodyfat below 8% been working out for 5 years. What would be an effective first cycle if I want to gain as much mass as possible and only has acsess to testosterone,nolvadex and clomid.Would you just continue with the replacement theory after the cycle? Do you even need clomid or would nolvadex be an better alternative to combat estrogen?

Your cycle considerations are the same as anyone else except that may not (see below) be concerned about inhibition of you rnatural testosteorne production after the cycle, since that’s already the case. You would go back to your regular replacement therapy.

By the way, taking half the dose twice as often would probably be preferred. The steadier levels would be better in every way except one: it may be that you are retaining some LH production because of the infrequency of your dosing. In other words, the 250 mg is inhibitory when injected, but in the second half of the 10 days, levels are pretty low and you recover some natural production. I would try to find out what your LH levels are. If they are still reasonable then I would remain concerned about inhibition after a cycle, same as anyone else, and if I went to twice-as-frequent dosing, I’d verify by blood test that this did not adversely effect my LH (it might.) If it did I would go back to the per-10-days dosing. The LH and FSH you still have, if you do, is maintaining your fertility, testicle size, and may help maintain your ejaculatory volume

I can’t answer your question, but I was wondering, at 21, what your hormone profiles looked like for the Dr. to give you replacement therapy?? I ask becuase mine are lousy, I just don’t know if they’re bad enough!! thanks

Thank you Bill for the answer!
What would be a good dose for the testosterone during a 8 week cycle if I want to gain as much mass as possible? How about the Clomid and Nolvadex? My doc. put me on the replacement even though my levels weren’t low enough, because I just felt like shit! no sex drive low energy etc.

For fast results, 500 mg/week minimum, 1 g/week reasonable maximum. If using other steroids, which you can get fast gains without doing, but if you do, then dosing may reduce so as to keep the total to a gram per week or not so unreasonably above that (still substantially under 1.5)

I would use Clomid throughout for gyno protection, dosing as discussed previously on the forum.