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First Time Cycle, Looking for Advice Before I Start

So I am about to start an 12 week cycle of daily Dianabol 30mg and 500mg weekly test-e but before I start I just wanted to get some insight on what to expect and also see if this is too much for my first cycle. I am 24 5’8 and roughly 170 pounds and just got done cutting to about 15% body fat and just wanted to add mass and strength. I hit a wall recently and decided to go the same route as a lot guys at my gym and get some outside help.

I refuse to start the cycle until I get more info on a good post cycle treatment, I’ve tried researching where to get some Nolva and Clomid with no luck.

I assume there has been multiple threads that have covered this but I didn’t want to go into a threat started 5 years ago if things have changed since then. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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Have a read of very recent posts on this forum.

Get all of your gear, your on cycle AI, your PCT SERM and your HCG ready.

Then go ahead on 500mg test e for 12 weeks with dbol for the first 4 weeks of that cycle.

Might be worth getting some LIV52’s or milk thistle to help keep your liver from Dbol damage.

250 iu hcg every 2 x per week. 0.5mg adex eod. 2 week break after last jab then start PCT.

PCT should be nolva 40/40/20/20 or a newer theory or 20mg nolva for a longer period…

Very popular first cycle.

If your diet and training is on point you will notice the same nice solid gains I experienced…

have you gotten any bloodwork yet? if not, i’d suggest you get baseline levels now.

i’d suggest just running the testosterone solo for your first cycle. while your main goal is to make gains, you do want to test your own reaction to various compounds. starting off with multiple compounds can cause some issues if you have some side effects you need to figure out…

i’d also suggest dosing an aromatase inhibitor at the beginning of the cycle to control estrogen. most guys do fine with .25 mg EOD of arimidex. however, your pre-cycle bloodwork can help you fine tune that dosing, as well…

as far as PCT, i’m not a fan of stacking or mega-dosing SERMs. i’d suggest something simple, like nolva at 20 mg/day for 6-8 weeks, or clomid at 25 mg/day for 6-8 weeks.

i attached a couple links for further reading below:

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Thanks for the quick responses guys, I have some updates. So I met with a buddy of mine who is getting BP Test-e and Dbol for me and he doesnt get nolva but he can get me Clomid 20mg. He also hooked it up with some LIV52 and milk thistle for free to help me get started.

I’ve been super anxious to start up and finally destroy this wall thats been blocking and hit 200 pounds. No longer looking to be that guy whos in decent shape but will never will be yoked haha.