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First Time Cycle for Women's Fat Burning?

Hi all, I have a female friend who lifts and is also trying to get rid of her “mum tum”. Can anyone suggest a few fat burning steroids that would suit a first time lady?

Unless a very serious competitor, women should generally stay away from AAS. Anavar is the most female friendly but its not going to ‘burn’ fat. It will help with the recomp but I still wouldn’t go that route. Have you researched clenbuterol?

Thanks for the response. Only a quick google of clenbuterol. Seems a bit high risk, low reward?

Its a better fat burner than AAS. Its lower risk than AAS especially for women. Does it have its own risks certainly. Not trying to convince you just telling you other options to research.

Ok thanks I will look into it. And thats what I said to her, I would recomend anything but give her the facts. Thanks.