First Time Cycle for MMA

What are y’all’s thoughts on ibutamoren?

You obviously are gonna just keep asking despite everyone telling you otherwise so here it is.
Winstrol or sarms are your choices. No comment on dose or length, Do some research.
If you you were to do a proper cycle it would be test only for your first to see how your body reacts. Test is not the best option for your type of sport.
Thread closed.

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What’s your thoughts on ibutamoren ? Last question ?

The only benefit that I noticed from it was increased appetite.

What pro league doesn’t drug test?

Using gear in sports is fine in my eyes. But using gear in a combat sport isn’t cool. I boxed for years. An I remember fighting a guy on some gear. It’s just not fair , Train harder. Not trying to be a dick man . Just my opinion


Agreed. 100% cowardly move. Show up and fight as you are, like a man. Cant make weight? Move up a class or forefit the purse. Cant recover well anymore? Train less, eat more, take some time out. You can use any excuse you like but PEDs/Steroids dont go in combat sports imo

It’s an untested league…

Good on both of you for reviving a 4 month dead thread where the OP didn’t listen to any of the actual AAS advice, just so you both could virtue signal over it though.

An old thread yes … but I see the idiot patrol was on full police mode in this one.

@Andrewgen_Receptors why do you continue to try and give advice? You literally just started taking anabolics lol every every response you say to everyone. Post a pic cause i like seeing men naked or no don’t take steroids. You have zero clue about the intensity that goes into MMA training. You are clueless and just post links to studies lol

And good old @hankthetank89 you ever fought at the professional level ? Belator, UFC, or even WEC ? You’re a goon who again tells everyone no don’t take steroids like you know everything about them. You are the epitome of what not to do !!! You abused steroids for most of your life so now your big and think you know shit. You’re dumb as fuck, the statements you make that unless you take 500 -700 mgs of Tren it won’t do anything for you. lol you need to be wearing a helmet !!!

You two are the most ignorant posters on this forum and really think your intelligent lmao !!! 2 circus clowns

Mate, chill out. I was browsing, saw a thread and gave my opinion as an ex fighter. You could cry about it a little more of you like big fella?

What advice did i give that your disagree with? Or did you push your 450mg/wk TRT dose too high again?

Yep. I was just scrolling through and noticed no one mentioned that taking gear in a hand to hand sport was a bad idea.

I dont agree with your “train harder” argument. As someone in combat sport i can just say how i see this.
When first tribe invented bow and arrow, the tribes they killed with it, couldnt use the argument : “hey, no fair, just throw rocks harder”.
By you logic, we also should eliminate weight classes, because - how the fuck is a human male, that does any sport, 70kgs? It all should be super heavyweight only, because “eat more and train harder”.
If a human male has a good diet and actually trains in a gym a bit, he wont be 70kgs. These smaller guys manipulate weight, are anorexic and will do ANYTHING to get into a lower weight class because its easier for them to fight in. They actually are afraid to put on muscle.
How is that a sport even?
I see combat sport as being the best you can be. It includes gaining some strength and size, not manipulating rules and weight classes.
When you realize that someone like Overeem in his prime would just KILL anyone in lower weight classes you understand that the only fighters that matter are the bigger ones. And in order to be the biggest and the best, you will have to go the extra step.

Its funny how people see steroids as some easy way out in a sport where guys will sit in a sauna to dehydrate and get in a weight class they dont walk around in daily, because they think its easier there. If we allow people to drop weight, we should allow them to gain some also… And my main argument is simple…
I had a fight in a super heavies. When i was 97kgs. Super heavy class was 91kg+… My opponent was 130kg.
97kg vs 130kg it is a 3 weight class difference. No one else, in any other class, would ever be allowed to do this. All the tiny fucks would shit their pants if anyone would be 2kgs over their weight class - they would ask him to sit in a sauna and starve for days, but get IN the weight class. While in super-heavies, a 2-4 weight class difference is just a NORM.
So if someone needs something extra to be bigger and stronger - i dont see a problem, because people get smaller and weaker on purpose in every event.

I also find it weird how steroids are considered to be some sort of a cheat or easy way, while it takes a lot of learning, a lot of failures, and there are people who event cant pin themselves. It is a part of sport by itself, it is just like training - it takes time, it takes knowledge. Its a whole different field of sport. Its not like you just take a pill and beat everyone up. MOST steroid users in the world, in any gym and sport dont benefit at all from steroids, btw.

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I have “loved” @hankthetank89 s post above as although I’m small and old and cant fight for shit I do agree that fighting is about winning. I play at martial arts because I love the cleverness of them, the fitness aspect and most of all for self defence, not for competitions or belts.
With that said I’m expecting @150mgaweek to say I shouldn’t have an opinion because (to quote him) I haven’t

Sorry but with that logic no one should reply to any TRT question unless a professional endocrinologist, no one to a powerlifting question unless a professional powerlifter etc.
As long as it’s the rules of the forum and the owner/mods are ok with it its all good (well I say that, as I’m not the owner or a mod perhaps I should stay quiet?) :thinking:


That guy is just dumb. The organizations he mentioned are USA based and last time i checked, most of the world dont live there and 99% of the fighters in the world have never been a part of those organizations.
Where i come from, “professional” anything means you make your living doing the thing and i do. In fact, i am sure, i get paid more, to talk and show stuff in fighting and fitness, than he does. I am sure the guy works some whatever job, where ever, but no one gives a shit about what he would have to say about anything fight or fitness related.
I believe the only reason he always tags me every time he posts anything(he almost never makes original posts, only replies to what i say) is jelousy because no one would ever spend a single dollar on what he has to say. .
Without an ability to express opinion(not basing it of what someone else says) and a charisma of an axe handle, he will just have to keep hating.

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Ehhh I don’t know about this

A welterweight competitive boxer will still destroy most gym bros who are heavier.

A lightweight collegiate wrestler will absolutely annihilate a heavier guy who doesn’t train at all.

Size and strength wins when skill is equal.

Out or curiosity @hankthetank89 do you practice grappling (bjj, judo, wrestling)? Or predominantly striking? Which disciplines do you actively train in?

Whoa, stop this insanity. This reminds me of those memes where they post CBum and some skinny UFC dude and say : “how do you explain to average people that the smaller guy would beat the bigger one” and im like “someone who knows how to cook cooks better than those who cant cook, how does this need any explanation”

Of course, i never said anything about untrained people. I dont care about those. Everything i said was only about fighters and guys who want to fight.
A huge role in fighting should be getting bigger and stronger, because just like you said - when skill is similar, size and strength wins. In fact, when you are bigger and stronger, a worse skill can work very good. The best guy in my class is not the fastest or most technical, but he is the biggest one and the most agressive one. Sometimes he loses balance, for example. He also has too much weight on the front leg, but if you exploit it and kick it, he will smack you right back and he will win the exchange, haha.

A long time ago i did grappling, but my elbows are fucked, so i cant really do that too much and too hard. I can do 1 fight, and then my arms are ruined. If thats a fight, its ok. But in training i can only do 1 hard session maybe twice a month, so for a very long time i focused Kickboxing and Muay Thai elements. I say “elements” because i believe that if you dont spar with full contact elbows, its not Muay Thai, and thats why most Kickboxers get fucked in Thai fights, because Thais practice every aspect, while Westerners often practice Muay Thai, but spar like Kickboxers because they cant control the elbows, and elbow pads, at least in here, are not a thing.
I did mostly kickboxing fights, also some kick-light stuff, and a few MMA fights. In here, its not as much as “what you wanna do” its mostly “whats going on and where you can sign up”. Many times clubs just come together and make something on their own. We have a few international referees and a few federations that can make it official, but the often the fights are “the rules will be according to who shows up and what we decide” so you might train Kickboxing but get showed into an MMA fight, like it was with me, when i faced a 35kg heavier dude, who just wiped the floor with me. There was no one his size, so since i was the biggest one left, i just got a surprise concussion :smiley:
Nowdays its much better actually, we have King of Kings almost every year now, but i was almost out of the idea to fight for myself before Covid, and then Covid fucked all that up for 2+ years and there is no coming back.
Now im doing mostly Kickboxing, trying to get back in shape at least as much so i can kick ass of my best students, haha. Because im also into all the strength and size shit, so i often bulk, get fat, slow, dont train much, etc. I have my own fight gym now, so i have more motivation to be there and do something for myself.
But im also slowly re-learning some grappling basics, because since i am also a self defense instructor, i have decided that people who train in my class, should also know basic BJJ.
Since the organization i work for, is against all kinds of grappling, i am slowly moving into a direction of making my own brand, which would include at least basics of BJJ.

So i try to have a good sparring session here and there. I re-learn some basic grappling, and i focus on explosive strength, cardio and just punching/kicking power, as it is most likely that the most i will ever do in real world is a low kick or straight right to some asshole in a streetfight.

All the technical stuff i try to always be updated, and latest training methods and strategy i do for my clients. I believe that an instructor/coach not only is paid for the stuff he knows, but for the stuff he has to learn on the go, to always be up-to date.
Thats also why i wanna do my own shit soon, because the organization i work in, they basically have the same “system” for decades and there is just so much new out there, that i believe that ignoring it is just a disservice to people.
My goal is that people who train self defense with me, can kick you in the balls, but they can also survive at least an average kickboxing/mma sparring also.

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Tell me you weigh less than 200lbs without telling me you weigh less than 200lbs :joy:


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Funny how most of the guys who get hard reading posts like that are under 200lbs AND have no idea how to fight also, haha :smiley:
I always believed that smaller guys who know how to fight, dont really care about beating up untrained people of any size.

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As a skinny guy who’s always had asperations of bigness I love this thread.

Also Hank, who do you think would win in a fight between an adult male silverback gorilla against a smaller weaker orangutan but who knows kung fu?

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