First Time Cycle for MMA

Hey guys quick question I’m 30 years old and have never taken a cycle before in my life I’m just trying to get some feedback about what would be good for my goals . I’m 6 foot and fight at 155 . I already have a very low body fat % what would be a good cycle for me and how long .

I don’t want to jump up to light heavyweight but I walk around at about 160 because of the intensity of my training but I’m lean . I was thinking definitely some test prop any other suggestions ? Winstrol ? Anavar ? I appreciate any feedback

What exactly are your goals? What would you want to get out of a cycle?

  1. You don’t need steroids for this.
  2. If you do use them…. “Just once” you’ll lose everything anyway
  3. It’s cheating

Improved recovery time add a little size and strength . Im 30 now brotha I’ve been training for 12 years without using anything . Brown belt in jiujitsu , 5-0 mma . You don’t think Gordon Ryan isn’t on anything ? I’m not in the ufc so I’m not having any drug tests

What are you looking to do, exactly? Doesn’t sound like you want to put on muscle, maybe it’s a recovery thing?

That’s me right now I’m 6’1 and walk around at about 160ish because of the hard workouts I do I just turned 30 and have never ran a cycle but my recovery time isn’t what it used to be and it’s hard for to to hold on weight . Im looking to improve endurance and add some strength and get up to Maby 170 so I can cut to 155

Get better recovery time , gain some more muscle but not be bloated with water . Like I said I walk around at 160-165 . I have. High metabolism and it’s damn near impossible for me to hold on weight . Working doing hard labor than going to train 6 days a week is breaking me down

Maybe something like BPC-157 would be more suited to help this? Many BJJ trainees do this for recovery from my understanding, and it won’t mess up your hormone profile.

I’ll check into that but I was also planning on running some test , Maby some turinabol, Anavar , or winny . I’m gunna be competing alot this year . I’m also like I said trying to make some strength gains and focus on building strength as well . I’ve neglected a lot of weight training and trying to add some strength as well

I’m not understanding how you expect to get stronger but not go up in weight frankly, but sure.

Get down a good system of training (recommend 5/3/1), then start with 500mg/wk Test C/E/P and go from there. Your goals are attainable without supplementation, but I think you already don’t care about that.

Don’t use AI unless gyno symptoms appear, and use minimum effective dose to relieve gyno symptoms.

Sorry I don’t mean I don’t expect to gain a little weight . I do want to gain a little weight just Not a bunch of water weight . Like I said I walk around at about 160 I even got down to like 153 in the summer cause it’s so hot where I train . I want to be walking around 170 ish

Then your choice of Test makes less sense. I shot up 10lbs while in a deficit just from 180mg/wk test… it wasn’t muscle.

I feel like a naysayer here, and i don’t mean to. It’s just that your proposed AAS cycle doesn’t make sense to me. Var will shut you down, as will Winny, and neither have enough activity to supplement/replace your natural T levels, and Test will increase your standing water weight.

What could you propose to me then ? I’m determined to do some cycles If I have to go up to welterweight then so be it be . But there’s tons of fighters on things I’m just trying to find the right thing. Test prop has the least amount of water retention I’ve read . I do alot of hardcore extreme conditioning, sparring etc. trying to put on some strength , and increase endurance . I’m going to post cycle right but I’m dead set on running something

I’m guessing our workouts probley differ a little bit too

Maby a lower dose of test prop only cycle to start out. But I might not be explaining myself good . Some size is expected with the strength gain but I’m just trying to find the best AA for high endurance athletes . I can always cut water weight out at weighins

It seems like half the guys that get caught are using tbol. Based on my experience with it, that makes sense. Not a lot of weight, but strength and the ability to keep pushing were improved. I wouldn’t run it solo though. High TRT level test (maybe 200-250) and tbol (30-40 mg/day) would fit the bill imo.

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This is the part that doesn’t make sense to me… why?

TRT dose Test permanently, BPC-157 for recovery, maybe var cycles for strength but it seems unnecessary.

I don’t know if I’d be so willing to stretch into a heavier weight class, but whatever floats your boat.

I got a few more years in this sport I’m professional I’m trying to get every advantage I can I know that sounds like cheating but I’ve battled coming back from a bad wreck a year or 2 ago and I’ve been training since I was 16 I stArted wrestling in high school then I got a scholarship . And put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this I want to go out in the best possible shape I can get in

If I’m having such a hard time keeping on weight and walking around like I said sometimes 156 do you really think a little bit of test at a moderate dose is going to seriously harm me ?

I might stay on a permanent trt dosage