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First Time Cycle, Cutting


Hey guys. Newbie here. 24 y/o, 6'2" male. Currently in the midst of a cutting cycle diet controlled 280c/181p/74f/2500calories per day. 185lbs@9% BF and I've hit a plateau. Would like to try my first cycle ever to push past the plateau and retain as much LBM as possible and hopefully tighten up a little bit more in the process. My question to your community is:

What would be my best cycle for cutting as a first-timer? I was considering an Anavar only cycle or Test only cycle as an easy introduction, but I'm also not sure if that's the best option, and I do not want to jump in feet first without experienced suggestions. AI suggestions would also be very much appreciated as I don't know the exact doses or types of AI that go with each cycle.


Why are you cutting to such low body fat? If you are a honest 9% you fucking shreded as is.