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First Time Cycle - Anavar only



Before you comment-I know VAR should be run with a test base, but I don't want to inject and want to just start my first cycle with an oral only cycle. Just a choice, so please no flaming for that.

I am thinking of running my first cycle in my cutting phase which is now. I am planning 50 mg Anavar every day for 6 weeks and a PCT of Nolvadex 40-40-20-20. Some questions regarding this

1) I posted the same question on evolutionary, and they have some pretty knowledgable guys there but I feel they keep pushing N2Guard and HC Generate. The guys over there recommended using N2guard while on the cycle. What do you guys recommend-do I need N2guard while on the VAR 6 week cycle ?

2) PCT-Again for PCT, the guys on the other forum said to use Hcg and N2guard for 3-4 weeks. Can I use Nolvadex instead. I don't see the need for both N2G and HCG at the same time since VAR is mild. I know its anabolic but to use HCG and N2G for such a mild steroid and for such a short cycle.

Thanks in advance for your answers

Oh I almost forgot

Weight:74 Kg
Height:5 Feet 8
Diet:1800 Calories to lose 1 lb a week


Hey guys I’m 5’8 160lbs 30 year old man who is afraid of needles who has no idea how to train or diet to achieve my goals so can you give me the green light to take a dumb ass cycle that won’t do anything but shut me down… Please be nice.

There you go I made your post a lot easier to read.


There should be some type of basic test that users have to take to post on these boards.

And lol Reed, couldn’t of put it better myself.


that web site is notorious for pushing N2Guard and HCGenerate for every cycle, and that stuff costs more than most people’s entire cycles. (those jackasses also push SARMs for PCT, even though they are HPTA suppressive. )

for that cycle, you do not need it. for most cycles you don’t need it, either…

nolvadex is better than that stuff for PCT anyway. as far as Anavar being “mild,” well, it kinda is, as far as side effects. but it’s still gonna shut you down in a week or 2…