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First Time Cycle? (Again, Yes)

hello everyone, I am a 20 y/o lifter who has been lifting around 3.5 years, started at 145lbs, am currently at 170. I was recently at 185 and lean(probably around 10%bf) however do to many health complications (flu, one month following pneumonia) I have lost about 15lbs. I currently have a busier work schedule and cannot dedicate 7 days a week x 2 times/day like i used to. I want to start a 12 week cycle and use that as a way to get back into the groove of things… Any advice, tips, suggestions on compounds and doses would be greatly appreciated.

bad idea. this is not a situation that dictates a crossover to the darkside. Stay natural. You never, ever want to introduce drugs to compensate for a lack of dedication. Also, I don’t know why you think you need to go to the gym 14 fucking times per week to make progress. I can’t remember the last time I spent more than 6 hours in the gym in any week. It’s probably been a full decade since I last did that.


-get on a tough 5/3/1 template or the like for 4 days a week and hold off taking gear for a couple years minimum

Thanks for input! Would you consider lack of dedication or actual lack of time? Considering I work semi physical job around 60 hours a week, it has become a bit harder to mentally, and physically push myself to workout more frequently, Would like to be able to get more results for less time, currently that is. Ive never gotten good results off less than 7 sessions a week. Diet has been mostly on point after 1st year of training(year 1 was stuff face 24/7.) After that I began to implement nutrient timing, intermittent fasting, etc. When I don’t train as much, as little as 2500 calories can tend to give me unwanted fat.

Also, from outside opinion(b/c obviously mine will be biased), what exactly makes doing a cycle so bad? What denotes its “wrongness” besides the obvious reason that its not natural. If one has proper overlooking (medically speaking) and knows how to train/diet, but cannot dedicate all of resources 100% of the time ; currently, how does a cycle negatively effect this person, given that they don’t completely train like a newb, and eat like a middle schooler, once they are off cycle?

Taking steroids can impair your connections with your friends and family, because of personality change and that you will focus too much on training. It shuts down natural testosterone production, you can go unfertile, you can fuck up your HPTA or balls so that you will have to stay on TRT for the rest of your life. You can damage health, liver, heart, kidney especially if you have a pre-existing condition which you might not even aware of. If you are prone to mentall illness it can enhance it. It will fasten balding especially if you are geneticly prone to it, can give you severe acne, during pct you will have low to no sex drive, for weeks.

You are 20 so your body is still in development and you can fuck up some other things because of that, that’s why it’s not recomended to use these substances until 25. These are of course exagerations, but can happen if you are not carefull or have bad luck. You need to decide, does it worth it to gain that 10 pounds of muscle in 6-10 weeks on gear, instead of 1 year the natural way, if you now the risks associated with it?

Also you should change your workout routine, i see peolpe all the time in my gym doing biceps day and triceps day and they look the same as they looked 2 years ago. You need to focus your workouts around compound movements. Work every muscle group 2-3 times a week. Start a push-pull-leg program, 5x5 or 5/3/1 and you will see better results with 6 workouts a week, than you did with 14.

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You need to do more research brother. What has training got to do with it? Training is last of your concern at 20. Steroids shut you down. Sometimes i feel so unlucky that i’m hypogonadal, i’ve never used any anabolics in my life and people juicing at young ages like yours sometimes get away with such things. You should wait man, until your 25 or at least 23. Your T levels should be high and will increase further. Why risk it for a cycle? You can make good gains without it. Don’t risk your health for short lasting gains.

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Until you’ve used steroids, you don’t know how you’ll mentally respond to them. Trust me on this, or ask anyone who has used them.

The biggest downside is that people don’t always recover completely when they go off cycle. PCT’s are not perfect. It’s a big risk to take at this point in your life. It is, of course, your decision, but if you’re not a competitive athlete, I don’t think the high risk is worth the minimal reward. You’re literally risking the potential to require weekly injections for the rest of your life if things go wrong, and things can go wrong that are beyond your own control. Medical supervision is not perfect, nor is the body of knowledge available regarding steroids. The studies that have been done are very limited. MOST of the knowledge that’s out there is relatively unsubstantiated outside of first-hand accounts. It’s basically a collection of individual stories, with a ton of variables, little scientific control.

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I wonder if we’ve ever actually convinced a kid who’s too young to be using not to use.


think you guys have done so today. I want to thank all for their advice and wisdom, i think for now i will hold off on doing so, infertility is the only thing that scares me, I have no problem jabbing myself for the rest of my life, its infertility that scares me. I have noticed by far my best strength gains from push/pull/leg split doing hypertrophy and then a following workout later in the week in low rep range for strength, 6 weeks into the program I was about the same weight but my squat 3rm went from205 to 275, bench from 245 to 275, OHP from 115 to 185, deadlift from 245 to a very proud 335. I noticed biggest muscular gains 178lbs to 190(minima fat gain) in 6 months when i stuck to 2 workouts a day 6 or 7 days a week. I guess I’ll have to find a balance.

This is the point. See what gains you have made natty. There’s a lot to be made at your age. At your age, people are eager and not completely educated as to how hormones work. Steroids cannot just be classified as how much gains you expect to make on a particular compound. Each compound adds further sides that you would need to manage. I see out of shape people, young people decide to jump on it, despite not even knowing how to really train, eat and even what are they putting in their body. My local gym has about 20 people on steroids that look worse than me and i have only lost LBM since the last 3 years in spurts due to hypogonadism. Some people don;t even know what PCT is and are on oral only cycles. They are ruining their health forever. Give your self some time, the fact you’re on here means you’re willing to learn. Learn and when you think it;s time, then you’ll know.

Thanks. I think it just been the past few weeks of training my ass off in the gym around 3 times a week, and not seeing the results I wanted, I don’t look how I used to. I barely manage to top at at 173 right now when in October I was a lean 187. Being sick for nearly 2 straight months really killed my drive and I think thats been eating away at my conscious and sub, so much so that it made me just want to cycle to get back what I fought so hard for and lost in a matter of weeks. I once i can really get back to it like i used to, I should rebound pretty well eh? Ive done my fair share of research on AAs and my friend whose been selling for years is quite knowledgable so I’m not afraid of that aspect of things.

That’s not a reason my friend, Like i told you, i found this year that i am hypogonadal prior to that for 4 years, i couldn’t see results and i still bust my ass in the gym despite having literally no energy in other aspects of my life. Never contemplated AAS use as i knew i’d be shut down and you never know if you’re gonna recover. Plus, at the time i thought i must be doing something wrong despite trying everything since i always thought at my age i should be having a high T level. In these years, i got chronic sinusitis among other periodic sicknesses but i recovered as will you, and way quick than i did.

As for your friend who supplies, please do not rely blindly on people for things like these, i am not saying they would want to do wrong by you but self information trumps every other source. You can rely on them for information but ultimately you have to educate yourself and make an informed decisions. As i said, you being here is a good step. Learn until you can make your down decision and can answer most of your own questions regarding when to juice or weigh up the pros and cons. Even people such as my coach, who i can trust with my life, suggested a cycle for me 1 year back which since i am curious about AAS and hormones knew was gonna hit me hard and make it hard to recover. Now, my coach is the last person to give me bad advice, but he can only give good advice which is good according to him and not necessarily the best.

I can absolutely relate to this. I’ve been training for 10+ years on and off, and I’ve definitely had my highs and lows. The last time I got really sick was a little over a year ago. A few months before I got sick, I PR’ed my squat at 435. I got sick for about 2 weeks at the end of December that year, and when I got back in the gym, I missed 405 for a single. Got crushed by it, and I felt like I’d lost so much that I’d worked for. But I worked hard for the next several months, and by June, I hit a 520 lbs squat in competition.

Work hard, it pays off. You’ll rebound for sure.

I’ve been on this forum with one account or another since I think 2004ish(?) and I just wanted to point out that it’s incredibly prescriptive to always see so many experienced users on this board and others who are advising newcomers to either wait longer or avoid steroids entirely. That is a hard pill for anyone to swallow, but you guys always have the new guy’s best interest in mind and for that I’d like to say thanks.

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Designer Steroid Cycle (first time cycle)

Hi all I’m just 2 months back in the gym after a 3 year absence I went to 70 kg to 78 kg,ive started to get back some of my previous gains,strength etc. Pretty quickly. I’m lifting 120 kg for5 reps o. My bench press and training hard 5 times a week for overload at one hard intense hour a workout.
I’ve been eating In excess of 3000 calories a day.

I’m trying my first cycle on a designer steroid called. D-mein : 17a-methyl-17 beta-hydroxy-estra, 4-9(10) dien-3-one.

Anyone have any views on this prohormome??

The first time I’ve ever done this. So I’m new to it.


when should I start my clomid???

At the end of my cycle or two weeks I. As I haven’t any idea what is the best time to begin this.

Anyone have any views on this prohormome??

when should I start my clomid???

At the end of my cycle or two weeks I. As I haven’t any idea what is the best time to begin this.

Many thanks!!

why the hell did you post this in someone else’s thread?

A) you’ve only been back in the gym for 2 months. Not a good time to start a cycle. you should wait.

B) I doubt anyone here has heard of the prohormone. They’re mostly all about the same though.

C) You would start PCT the day after your last dose.

D) The only thing you listed that’s relevant to PCT is the Clomid. All of those other things have nothing to do with how you recover from your cycle.

I’m worried that “clomidex” isn’t actually clomid…

About a month later, have been working out around 3x a week, going to try for 6 this week, eating maintenance calories at best but have been nutrient timing well, up to almost 180 first thing in the morning. Feeling great with the choice you all have helped me make.